X-Mas 2016


Words are missing to write as tons has transpired in my life over these past months, maybe even a year!? Where to start is at times overwhelming. To say the least, it’s been monstrous. Divorce after 24 years of solid companionship and 12 years of marriage. The realization that it did happen; Majority elected that clown as the president. Embarrassing, saddening, and more work to do! My awakening that the ideal partnership that we all dream of is a lot of work and might never be achievable because I realize that realistically we all are flawed and I am too much of a perfectionist to want another destructive relationship. Finally accepting all as it is. Feeling hated because of having achieved weight-loss and looks due to lifestyle changes.  The exhaustion of having to fight the results of ongoing hate and lack of support. The mothers’ visit revealed many true faces. Sad. Spilled waters that can no longer be swept. All seems too frustrating to overcome at times. However, wisdom says  and proofs that it is doable if we live in the moment, break tasks into manageable projects, and apply ourselves.

What I have found to be effective in my case is grooming, organizing, doing what I love to do which is lately a lot of sports and creativity. I always have enjoyed decorating and photography among many other brain and physical activities. Thereof those have been some activities I have engaged in lately. What better occasion than Christmas that gives me the opportunity to decorate and build forever memories. And of course dreaming of the perfect outcome has lend an optimistic view. It might never happen. But I will know that I at least have tried as best as I could. Here are some random pictures of how my house looks like for this Christmas.

Focusing on what is positive has been a blessing.

  • Live in the moment.
  • Be patient.
  • Always count your blessings.

The glass is always half full. Practice that and you will see positive outcomes in your life. I promise.

Love and Blessing ❤️


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