I started after the death of my first beautiful dog Lizzi. The story was quite tragic. She died at only 2 1/2 years old, suddenly. Hit by the car. It was quite sad. Here she is, my precious girl, Lizzi, that died on April 2nd of 2007:

LizzibwLizzi – 9/28/04 – 4/2/07

Read more of her story in this anniversary blog post on FB Notes. By the way, would love to have you follow Lizzani Dog Boutique page or Blog Site. Both of them too have been put together by me. Just saying. My work 😊

Long story short, it didn’t work out for many factors, including needing lots of marketing time and capital that I didn’t have at that time. The timing wasn’t right. But I cannot give up on Lizzani completely to this date. It was created with love and passion and it will some day continue to flourish. At least I want to hope so!?

Meanwhile I went back to college, acquiring my associate degree in Web Design; Hoping to get an entry position into this field after its completion. That too didn’t work out. No one wanted to give me a chance. As a middle age woman, I was passed on when wanting to get an entry level job in this field. It didn’t help either that the economy wasn’t doing great. Companies naturally preferred a college age kid who they presumed to be tech/social media savvier than me. Needless to say, that plan too was a flop. I did, however, attempted to revamp lizzani . And did a redesign. It was a fun attempt and project!?

Here are other projects that I completed as part of this program. All of them were fun as I love creativity, learning, and completing projects successfully.

After a year of unemployment, I ended up in customer service, as a travel agent. Initially I thought of it as just a job. The most attractive attribute about this job has been that I have been able to work from home. Love that as I am an introvert who prefers less interactions. Surprisingly I discovered that  I have enough discipline to work alone. This job has thought me lots. My communication skills have gotten better and so has my confidence. So there! All that transpires in life has a purpose. Maybe dots do connect some day as Steve Job said?

Here I am, aiming to make a living, working on completing creative projects. I love creativity and have the right personality and visual communication skills to be making a living in this field. An entrepreneur at heart yet willing to be in a support position behind the matching partner with the right message and/or product.


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