Ugly Truth

For the purpose of education and my own research, I decided to include a page with an ever growing list of ugly facts, that have conditioned me, really us, to keep it real for myself and hopefully others. One has to always remember to protect oneself from fake truth that drives one to do one thing or another. I for one thank Universe for my integrity compass that has kept me within frames. Honestly I believe that I just got chosen by Universe and thereof was given such a blessing, an integrity compass, so that I may spread the word of how we all can tap into our resources to organize and fact check before abiding or adopting. I truly wish people would wake up and stay awake at all times. I acknowledge that it is difficult to manage and balance at all times. But here we go again… if you have followed my posts, you will know that I always preach “practice makes the master’! So I am getting better at that. Do it and you too will see results. And progress is the most exciting thing in life. Believe me! So here we go… kind of ranting yet necessary to keep it organized and real:

  • Society has become quite sexiest!

How so? As we know we have accepted that sex sells and actively practice in achieving being more sexual as in our minds the sexier you are the happier you will be. Wrong! We think that we must appeal visually as well as behaviorally. So thereof we do all to comply with that set tone to matter. It doesn’t help either when media takes advantage of our weakness to mislead us to behave certain ways.These damaging behaviors in compliance with a greater set attitude, cause a lot of damage to one self as well as the immediate community; Naturally the entire society. I have experienced various version of misbehaviors related to this flaw. Genders are fiercely battling out to show their sexual powers just to make themselves feel worthy. If we feel unattractive and/or less sexual, we loose confident and decide to be an outlaw which is another mental dysfunction that makes us unhappy. We compare our sexual powers to surrounding people and thereof act one way or another. The right thing is to remain focused on your internal worth [beauty] rather than forcefully trying to fit in or assess yourself as not being able to fit in cause you are unable to keep up. Just be yourself. Stop trying hard. What did happen to Martin Luther King’s dream? May we all someday be judged on the content of our character rather than our appearances.

  •  Inequality exists!

Everybody knows yet we chose to close our eyes and ears to ignore. Ignorance is a reaction due to many factors. Surely our logic knows that it’s wrong. Yet all our traditions and animal needs are in odds with achieving equality. That’s bad. We could argue for hours as to why it started and why it continues to exist despite our mankind advances. But that would be pointless as we must focus on what makes us whole and unites us. Which is achieve equality between genders and races. We must settle on our differences and be more compassionate. It truly goes back to “judge by the content of a character not gender or race.

  •  Stereo typing is misjudging.

Lately everyone seems to partake in stereo typing. Hell, I have caught myself engaging in that. True story: I had to go to court due to a speeding ticket. All kinds of characters were there. And I just assumed good or bad moral characters based on appearances. The clean cut and attractive people were being paid more attention to while those who appeared rough, visible tattoos or body piercings and were from a different cultures, were less respected. It is pretty obvious contrast if one pays close attention. It is our second nature to judge someone based on external appearance. We also continue to accept that one is judged within 60 seconds. Thereof, we push ourselves to pretend to be someone of value and/or interest to make the 60 second mark. I personally am frequently misjudged based on my appearance. Lately I am being thought of a salty Latino female or people believe I am standoffish and/or have a poor character based on my appearance. Yes, I intentionally appear angry lately because where I live majority of people are conservative red necks who assess me as a needy Latino female who needs these people’s mercy and kindness. I should be flattered to be assessed a person of interest and must show my gratitude for being accepted and wanted. Any other behavior is absolutely faced with utmost dismay from my surrounding. Of course that drives me angry to say the least and rightly so! I came to this country believing that this land is the fairest land ever. And compare to many regions in the world, it is. However, it has ways to go to unite us and the world.

  •  Power abuse and disabuse!

This one is huge and so many example of them exist. We all have been either victims or the abuser. Must admit to start addressing a huge issue at roots in order to prevent and/or control it. Failing to do so will result in major community and society damage. The biggest one are the genders. Both male and female will abuse their powers. We females withhold sex and kindness to get our ways and male abuse our emotional vulnerability to show off their male powers. However, the truth is that women are stronger. They only have been conditioned to believe otherwise so that this inequality games between our genders continue ever since. It needs to stop. We are to flow amicably to complete each other to nourish our community. Not out do nor rule or control. The balance is off and it is causing major damage. A huge one is the rise of homosexuality. Those guys who cannot compete nor please the other gender, flock into these groups to protect themselves to still matter. I have lived in Germany to know that this is a huge one. It is fairly clear that woman have more power ever since the end of World War II and thereof many German men are damaged and engage in that kind of lifestyle just to escape. Of course there are real born homosexuals and we must embrace and love them. However, engaging in such a lifestyle due to oppression and/or gender competing games is wrong. Power abuse appears at work place too. We all know of power hungry, micro managing bosses or backstabbing peers. It does not need elaborations. In any shape and form abusing one’s power for self satisfying reasons is root cause of many issues. Refrain from abuse as it will cause real damage to you, your community, as well as your environment. Remember that you can only control yourself and maybe if you are influential, your immediate circle. But behaviors are contagious and will carry forward.

… more to come!

Love and Blessings ❤️



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