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Hope is Alive

Happy New Year All. 2018 has shown a very strong start thus far, allowing me and many others to once again believe that a brighter future is possible. The message of hope is being conveyed in many ways. But the most powerful message was sent by Oprah, our most influential public figure presently who finally steps forward to assume the role of a much needed beacon of hope during these hard times. There isn’t anyone more qualified to lead us than Oprah. Of course we cannot fool ourselves as rebuilding takes a lot of work. There are many areas and issues to be addressed, cleaned up, and rectified. Yet with collaboration and active management we can collectively gather all our tools to recoup from all that has gone south.

America presented an empowering solidarity at the 75th Golden Globe Award show. Once again the world sees this nation rising up to inspire us all to start healing and repair. The work, however, must be strategically laid out and organized as it is complex. Yet it is doable as we have all we need to get the job done correctly this time to achieve prosperity.  We finally stand up in unity to say no to injustice toward women while acknowledging their hard work thus far. Today’s women are indeed qualified to lead us to success. It is logical as they are biologically kinder and fairer. To reiterate and agree to that strong message of all our powerful Hollywood women, gender equity is the first step. Both genders must work as a team to utilize the strength of each other effectively moving forward. A simple stereotyping of our gender strength based on science is that women are more strategical and men are more efficient in executing.  Since we know that behind all healthy villages are women, we need to start supporting and healing our women first so that our society can heal again. Work must start within as inner conflicts do compel one to be and act ugly at times. These small things that we ignore, deny, defend, and lie about cause damages to ourselves as well as our immediate circles and lend to a broken society. And control/address those who continue to fail and/or think that they can get away with bullies, corruption, and other bad behaviors. And too stop tolerating, collaborating, and supporting wrong doers. Know that saying no to ugliness is not ugly nor harsh, but equates to love as it is in the interest of a greater good.

See something, say something. Silence is not always the best solution. Dialogue and open communication are key to our success. Yes, we have been trained to remain politically correct and pretend we didn’t notice ugly behaviors. They start very small yet tolerating any ugly behaviors in ourselves as well as our circle of influence leads to these behaviors infesting and establishing themselves. What has to be addressed must be addressed. Time is indeed up and we have to stop being ignorant. Ignorance equates to tolerance and failure to plan is planning to fail as we see presently all across our landscape. Majority of us regretfully believe that conversations and/or addressing issues are negative and we categorize them as rants. The truth, however, is that dialogue is constructive and positive, not negative as we have been brainwashed to believe. Change your perspective about that fact and many doors will open as you get to explore and navigate your world clearer.

Many of you must have felt relieved and uplifted as I too finally relieved see my voices amplified. All my life I have had to endure much opposition and ugliness just to exist and try to thrive. To say the least, it is a hard road to travel. Yet the light at the end of each phase is so worth it. Do the work and you shall see the fruit of your labors some day. It is that hope that has propelled us humans to continue to thrive. With that in mind I too would love to be part of this historical movement as my story is a story that captures the ups and downs of our existence and how we all can tap into our resources to accomplish bliss if we learn to endure and move with grace and love in life. To learn more of this project “In God We Trust”, go to Kickstarter page. Please support if you can.

Let the work begin!

Love and Blessings ❤️


Women Power


Ever since I have lost weight and shaped up, men want to rule me.Terrible! How disrespectful! During these past few weeks, I have had multiple predators who think I am sexually needing because I am divorcing. They dare to come around and make advances. Some of them mean well and think they are providing some services, not realizing that I am very capable of letting someone know if I need their service. One of these past experiences was rather interesting. During a pedicure session, this Asian man was massaging my legs and feet as if we were engaged in some sexual game. Truly disgusting! I finally had to firmly and loudly tell him to wrap it up. A female personal noticed and moved closer to my station. That creep stopped his unwelcomed sexual harassment, finally. But I had to cry at home for having had to fight off such a behavior. And I have had to stand up for myself my entire life as people wouldn’t know their boundaries. I hate that. Why can people not live and let live? It’s all about who barks the loudest and rudely rides the other with bullying. These are abusive and intimidating behaviors. sick! We must do better and finally advance us as humanity. I honestly at times feel ashamed for being who I am, a woman whose nature is to bring love, pleasure, and prosperity to all. Of course she wants to be sexy and kind, but for sure respected! Thank god I survived these maddening times in disguise to have gained the skills to control my world. However, it is pretty clear as to why I remained fat, town-boyish, unhappy, and depressed all these years. What a shame. Think of all those who falter under all that pressure. It isn’t easy. Thereof we self sabotage to fight off something. And that leads to stress and stress amongst many other toxic factors kills one without ever having had the opportunity to sing our songs in this lifetime. What a waste!

Healing process must start with our women. They are the initiator of spreading love, beauty, and prosperity to their immediate community. If they feel empowered, these blessings will be extended to a larger community. Just look at Oprah, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Michele Obama, and so many other beautiful women and men who touch this world. Besides these prominent women mentioned of our times, there are millions of us out there that are still spreading love despite all the injustice, inequality, and unfairness. These beautiful women out there deserve to be even stronger so that they can continue to strengthen the society and propel advancement of humanity. No matter who we are, we all have beauty to share. However, know that if you are hurt and/or injured, you cannot serve anyone anything of value. Yes, you might think you are servicing. But if you are not well yourself, your internalized hurt and injuries will have a ripple effect on the whole. We all have seen mental issues that have destroyed individuals, families, communities, and generations. Healing must start with oneself. Specially women as they feed a village. It’s their nature. But that is only if they are equipped and whole. Having to spend time to fight off ourselves is a waste of energies. So heal yourself before attempting to feed a village. Or you might unknowingly poison it.

Spreading love to heal the society, regardless of gender, must become the foundation before we all can heal and advance as humanity.

As many sayings have reiterated and history has proven, all journeys/movements start with an initial step. So let’s all do the best we can to strengthen ourselves so that we can strengthen our society. So start your step now and today. Learn healing strategies daily and practice them. Before you know it, you too are spreading love to yourself and naturally to others.

Love & Blessing ❤️