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Episode I – What Makes People Ugly | Costco

Salome’s Educational Pieces

In this episode I highlight my ugly interactions with the public in NE Mesa, Arizona, Costco shop, in an informal and witty way to educate my community about things that we must be descend about in the society. Bullying women and specially minority around due to misunderstandings and narcissism is damaging.

We women carry the responsibility to start this much needed movement to heal our communities. My mission is to educate as many people as possible in my immediate community to achieve collective healing and reunite again.

[My sincere apologies to whom ever feels offended. I am the one who feels harassed and discriminated : ( ]

Please know that I am speaking in love and not hate!

If you are a woman, specially a minority who feels harassed like a cattle in this world of corruption, wear a band on your index finger to say “NO” to being bullied in life.

Download screensaver, share, and participate to stand up in unity.


Love and Blessings ❤️