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Ideas Worth Igniting

Since I have had such a twisted life journey with many ups and downs and stories to teach others the shortcuts I learned/gathered on hard ways to prevent years of failures for others and more importantly expedite their bliss, I have so many times been advised to write a book. Experts and all our wanna be teachers/mentors/coaches have told me that if I don’t at least have a chapter [tangible], then I will not ever be able to establish myself as an artist, writer, a producer, entertainer, and more importantly a teacher. If I would rely on our leaders who teach us the standards to follow in order to ever succeed, I would have faltered many years ago and given up even attempting anything in life with my lame ass start points. So the warrior that I am, I always went against the grains [preached standards] to achieve anything in life. Following set standards in my opinion lack innovations and they are unfitting/unspoken rules and regulations just brain washing us. Pure corrupt as they are misleading. We don’t even notice when we prosecute someone mentally [passive aggressively] when they don’t meet the standards. This includes ourselves even. Set standards don’t even work and confuse the shit out of most of us. I continued to tell myself that “not me”. I never wanted to play that stupid game. So naturally I was always enticed by the creativity and unity United States provided as they seemed at least somewhat more advanced and civilized compared to the rest. What an opportunity! Americans at least offered some artistic creativity and humanity that I allowed me to believe that dreams are possible as I could with all my heart resonate with at least with that logic and learn from. I have lived with my husband in Arizona for 25+ years. During these time we have learned so much!! Looking back it’s been adventure to share. These are blessings one should be grateful for. Now I am ready to pass it on to others who care to follow.

Back to elaborating on the book and chapter idea. Yes, I do have tons of stories that would make many great books. However, the more I think about the idea of lengthy books, the more I know that they are not the most effective methods of teaching in today’s world. The information overload indeed has shorten our thinking span. We are trained to entertain ourselves and books too feed into that culture. A culture of mindlessly entertaining people to just make dollars! Having said that since our standards are not very innovative and are obviously challenging our existence, it’s clear that we must simplify. Just look at the staggering social issues we collectively are experiencing now a days. It doesn’t have to transpire that way! Since I loved and still love shortcuts, I embarked on learning them and United States offered a superior background. Thanks to my lazy Persian attitude too that supported my love for finding shortcuts, another proof that we must learn to harvest [embrace] all our little perceived flaws [are they really!?], I learned that we can succeed with the right strategies. Honestly, I now know! In my opinion blogs and entertainment as well as revamping of our standards to match today’s needs are the most important things representing our future that we must start with. If I ever had the character or would have forced myself to adopt/follow standards, it would have been easier for someone like me to have established myself. But the truth is that I always had a greater interest in mind. Thereof I have fought all my life to remain independent from corrupted standards that condition us to be and act shady in life. I despise that and know that there are so many of us who do that as well. Yet our belief system keeps our good hearts back from attempting to break the rules. Thereof we self-sabotage ourselves and cause damage to the greater good. Let’s steer the ship into the right path to fulfill our dreams!

Here are some ideas on how to:


  • Production of an inspirational documentary movie to re-awaken faith and spirituality in mankind. We need to believe again to achieve unity.


  • Revamp educational material to reprogram next generations correctly to prevent future messes.


  • Work on educating our communities to heal.

These are easier said then done. Yet I know through years of hard experiences and wisdom now that they are possible if we collectively innovate the wheels again. Let us learn from the Chinese people and so many admirable humans who have paved the way and shown us again and again, now and in the history, that with the right attitude and all our resources, we can do it.

I believe in the Power of People! If you agree and would like to see someone starting a movement, please pledge your economic support by donating below.

Love and Blessings ❤️


Reinvention Magic

I just noticed that the start of this blog set the magic free. It was June 2015 that I was diagnosed with my MS condition. This blog started beginning of 2015. I started because I had read somewhere that daily gratitude can change your life.

My story kinda confirms that there is some truth to that. I, as many of you, had a new year resolution. To reinvent my life and myself. Once again! Don’t we all do that yearly? Since all intelligent people practice attitude of gratitude, I decided to mimic. This blog was started since I always loved talking and writing and gathering nice pictures. Finding out secrets of happiness suited for me is a fun activity. I am sure many can related. Maybe there is something to that saying “Follow your heart, find your bliss!” So finally I did or at least attempted to. I cannot help it for loving to write of my internal world which is designing or composing a fun, beautiful, and luxurious life. All that I have picked, chosen, and done in life thus far has continued to elevate my status ever since my childhood. Why would I not want to continue? Yes, it did takes lots of sweat and blood and unbelievable patient. Not every men’s job. To endure so much pain. Yet, I have tons of stories to tell. Exciting! I only hope that it will continue to prosper into even more excitement. This time around please with less pain, sweat, blood, and endurance. Now that I think back everything has happened for a reason. It’s liberating to finally have the guts to do what’s needed to reinvent myself. The power is indeed in all of us. It’s just the mind that decides one path over the other. Train your brain! You can do it!

Magic Book

What Magic? Ever since I started this blog, the needed resources and/or circumstances have started to appear in my life. These are indeed propelling me to follow my guts.

The bottom line is: Start being grateful, train your brain, and be kind. And see the magic unfold in your life.

Peace and blessings ❤️


Life Lessons

These past few weeks have been rather uneasy. I am moving rather risky just because I want my life to change now! Rather immature and impatient it seems!? But sometimes it does take such a push to learn lessons and to continue to hone skills.

Partially I am upset with myself for being this impatient and causing unneeded pain and injuries; Emotionally and physically. On the other hand, however, I am proud of myself for daring as I know growth takes passion, risks, pain, and failure to achieve. Including injuries that teach one lessons rather than kill one. I think if one doesn’t learn these lessons nor applies them, life can and will go into the wrong direction.

A primary example is that I badly now want to shape up. For the past 47 years of my life I have been fat, out of control and shape, many of those years depressed, and always hoping to accomplish weight-loss, fitness, and dream of accomplishing other dreams with no avail. Another big dream that I believe many have, or hopefully have, is to live a fulfilled life in peace and experience joy, age gracefully, and pass in peace.

When MS forced me to change my lifestyle, which included diet and physical activity, in an effort to lessen my symptoms, I unknowingly lost weight. The weight-loss has boosted my self confidence and has allowed me to dream big, again. It’s magic to me.

Am I stupid to believe that I can do it if I did so many other things in my life successfully? I think not. Sometimes I feel like others don’t wish me well!? But maybe it’s me who is not wishing myself well!? Even if others don’t wish me well, I wonder why I sadden and get sick or injure myself emotionally, causing setbacks? I must realize that my happiness does not nor should depend on what others do or don’t.

If I am my best friend, why would I continue to put myself down to correlate with others? That needs to stop. I need to do my own thing. Be my own best friend. And go for what I think is the right thing to do. Which is help myself, help my immediate circle, and help a community.

Like so many nights, last night I once again was tossing and turning in bed, thinking of how I can expedite my progress as I am tired of having to work to make a little earning while I have all these big dreams and projects to do that I cannot do cause money and energy is lacking. As I have zero mojo after that strenuous mindless job that’s stressing me out and sapping all my energy away. Too paralyzed to do anything. After a few hours of tossing, I thought to myself that I should go biking which in my opinion has been a great exercise that gives me a clear head and shapes my butt : ) You see, I have all that loose skins that must be tightened up after having lost the weight and I must learn to balance myself because of my MS condition to prevent falls and walking issues later in life. So around 4 o’clock in the morning I took off to go biking. Lately I have been riding the street up east on McKellips Road, going north in a neighborhood street to McDowell Road, and rolling down west on McDowell Road on its sideboard while standing up on my bike to stretch and balance. Great exercise! However, it all went wrong today. I slipped on a rock into a rocky patch and took a very bad fall off my bike. I hit my right side of face and head on the sideboard, both my knees, and right arm and hand are injured. My right eye brow is partially gone. My right eye is swollen and is getting to be badly bruised. Right shoulder too is bruised. And I have a bad ear ringing.

However, I am still grateful that nothing broke and that I am still alive. But more importantly I learned a lesson. That I must slow down and move along strategically. This applies to physical as well as wanting the life that I want now! Yes, it is justified in my book as I have waited this long to make any progress. I have endured much heart pain and have not had the same trajectory in life as many others have had. Just being normal! But unfortunately progress requires more time and effort. Patience! Thereof I have no other choice than to accept.

These lessons are valuable and apply to all. That we must move along strategically, remain patient, never fail to learn our lessons, be humble and grateful for that what has been gifted to us, make the best out of anything, never give up to be authentic to oneself, and continue always to spread the love, regardless.

Quite a lot to remember and practice! But practice makes the master. And never forget to be grateful. These are my notes to myself today. One day I hope to write notes for others as well.

Peace and blessings ❤️