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Best Things in Life are Worth Waiting and Working For

There are so many sayings/wisdom that confirm that logic in life. Amazing that a person as wealthy and popular as Prince would too know of this profound wisdom. Respect!

I truly can testify to it as well. People ask me why it took me such a long time to loose weight or to find myself and my calling/purpose. I truly am glad it did take its sweet time as the experiences and the journey that has made me into who I am today are PRICELESS treasures that I cherish. I now know that all transpires as it should and we need to learn to go with the ebbs and flows of life to properly manage. I highly advocate developing patience and integrity in your lifetime to refrain from seeking instant gratification as they are misleading. These virtues truly protected me in life from falling into dangers and wrong paths. So I thank my Universe, Divine Powers, Lord, Gods, Gaia, Allah, HaShem, Buddha or however you refer to our Higher Source. It truly does not matter. What matters is our ability to co-exist and embrace diversity in life. Our worlds and landscapes have drastically changed. If we fail to catch up/step up, we will fail to succeed due to natural law which is the “fittest shall survive”. It is a law of nature. Like it or not. Learn to change and stretch yourself to step up [higher your game] as that is your only choice to bliss or you will fall pray into many forms of mental health disorders that are ridding/destroying us.

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I hope you do find valuable information in my stories and wisdom that I share with love. If you cannot, I truly feel sorry as believe you suffer from insecurities that motivate you to repel what you judge/assess.  My messages are getting more direct cause I continue running into oppositions in life. I do apologize for offending anyone. Just offering my “2 cents”.

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Love and Blessings ❤️

Awakening Moment

Have you ever had a moment that changed your life forever? Seems like lately I have been experiencingMe and Bliss many of those moments. The only plausible explanation is that the diagnosis of my health condition awoke me. [read My Story to learn of details]

Isn’t tragedy sometimes what it takes to wake you up? Regretfully sometimes that is indeed what needs to happen in life to be shaken. Those who soar despite never ever having had to grow as a result of pain, are lucky. I so wished I could have been among those. Regardless what it takes to be woken up, it’s a blessing. I am grateful for the kick in the ass. But please know that you all are talented in your ways. Don’t wait up for a tragedy to force you to follow your bliss in life. We all deserve and can live in bliss if we wake up and maximize our gifts. So do it! As I am doing it.

I am excited to embark on my next journey. My calling has been to be a spiritual guide, a teacher, an advisor, a writer with the mission to spread love. I finally have realized that I can connect with a loving and seeking community through offering my services thru private session(s). Besides that I have knowledge and hands-on experiences with conquering and managing many obstacles in life, I continue to see signs that I must follow my calling. You may read my Cause page to see example challenges that have given me the skills to help others. As previously mentioned in a post, I have been quite attracted to the spiritual world. It’s been fun to have Tarot cards, Feng Shui, Astrology, Numerology, Chinese Horoscope, and any other tools guiding me in life. For a few of my birthdays, I have gone to fortune tellers who have looked at me and told me that I should be a spiritual guide. Back then I was thinking that they are nuts. As I was definitely not interested in such a weird and hippie career. However, now I know that I must. All has led to this moment.

Herewith I announce to the world that I am a spiritual guide, a teacher, an advisor. You may hire me for private session(s). If you need a wise, experienced guide who can assist you to navigate and manage life, contact me to inquire.

Love & Blessings ❤️