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Age of Spirituality

The 90th Oscars last night confirmed we are indeed in the age of spirituality, if we like it or not. I believe!

Finally, times resonate. As per Wheel of Fortune in Tarot cards, seasons do change, light does follow darkness. I personally have been the minority and an odd ball in this world [assessed as lesbian, crazy, angry, agitated and everything else in between]. It is a blessing that what we women have fought for all our life is showing signs of fruition. There are so many greats that have indeed paved the ways for us. It’s our time to do good!

Embracing differences + Opening up dialogue are the first needed steps on our lengthy journey ahead.

But to again glorify how Oscars send many social messages, it was too good to hear that set norms [status quo or standards] are no longer necessarily a fit in today’s world. I knew it! People finally dare to stand up to injustice to say enough is enough as I have been all my life. Colored people, women, and other definition of minorities get pushed around and bullied to be forced into things [to sum all ugliness] or a lifestyle one doesn’t want. Terrible! I was blessed to remain protected from all the crap that has gone around.

Many as I must be happy times are changing. Some might not as change poops on some people’s parade. Yet it is promise that only change promises our continuity. All resistance will lead to your own destruction. I have been on that route in my life and speak of years of sufferings. Yes, lots of work ahead of us. But the healing and unity will be so worth it. To start the collective healing to achieve unity, we must learn to embrace all our differences and be okay with addressing what must be addressed! Failure to plan is planing to fail. Obviously.

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Fight Bulliers


Not enough can be written to communicate the dangerous damages of bullying behaviors caused to individual, communities, and environment. Society at large is suffering of these bullies. They can be unplanned, small, unintentional or they can be intentional, big, and planned. The severity of damages caused by bulliers are getting worse as we are progressing into 21st century, seems like it!? The perpetrators sadly are everywhere and many of them even unaware and/or in denial of their bullying behaviors.

A prime example of such a character is the 2016  GOP Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump. To me, as to to many, he is just a bullier and a clown. I actually got that from my mom who lives in Germany. He is publicly validating the wrong behaviors of millions of bulliers. He dares to play the political arena because he has the platform. Majority of his supporters too are bulliers who have joined his cause or people who are brainwashed to believe this man and his empire could lead a country because he is using his money to sway people with his awesome bought ads. How dumb is he selling us for? Of course there are also those who blindly support him just because he is a member of their group. To support a bully like Trump, however, is pure ignorance and/or stubbornness on their part. It defies logic, fairness, and humanity no matter how supporters reason and/or justify their logic.  That man is a bullier. A man like him knows how to maneuver the crowd because he has the money that buys him the immediate allies and resources to elevate his agendas. Besides he could care less if he wins or loses. He is running for his own financial prosperity, power, and fame. With this level of media coverage and gained support, this monster is going to become even more powerful and richer than he is. Shrewd investors will kill themselves to get a book deal out of that man because now they know very well that there is a large audience out there that supports that kind of behaviors and resonates with him. Those investors will make that scum richer and more powerful. Of course looking after profit because they assess him as a good investment. Money is the agenda and not the well-being of this country and its people in large. Didn’t you notice in his debate that all he wanted was to steal oil from the Middle-East and get paid for provided US services. Talk about lack of integrity. He doesn’t realize that United States uses political strategies to buy respect and leverage, and that’s what is making this country the # 1 in the world. America is already great. We don’t need to paint it as damaged and needing to rectify it. We need to move forward. Universal healthcare is an improvement and not a step back. And yes, we need rules and regulation that will protect American employees from corporations.  Enough of “for profit’ corporations. If they could they privatize everything for profit and screw the people. These brainwashing tactics are a shame! What’s more upsetting is that his servants are supporting this man to succeed because of profits. Again, mankind that is able to jeopardize the well-being of others just for profit without any regards to the good of all, is a bully and a disgrace.

No matter what reasons and character flaws there are that motivate the perpetrators to engage in acts of bullies that cause damage, they must be stopped. All of us are guilty in engaging in such a manipulative behaviors as we are conditioned to tolerate and ignore much of the bullies we put up with due to our internal primitive compass or lizard brain. We are wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure. Furthermore, we are too vested in our own cause to worry about the bullies that transpire around us or even to us. We tell us and each other “pick your battles, accept what it is, and if you don’t like it, move on”. Not realization that perpetrators must be stopped, trained, educated, counseled, corrected if possible or be on watchdog lists before any tragedy and/or damage gets to be irrevocable.  How often have we blamed and/excused harms on some groups and/or upbringings. Definitely it’s true that menaces join harm groups. However, we must realize that these groups have been formed by bulliers/menaces in the name of a cause to justify that behavior.

Enough is enough! bullying

If you consider yourself kind and are seeking to make a difference, please bring awareness into anything that could/might lead to damage and harm. Help humanity to nip bullies in the butt. No matter how small or large they are. Speak up!

Some of the examples of act of bullies are fairly obvious if you pay attention.

I.e. Are you working for a corporation and your boss and/or coworkers are taking credit for your work to enhance their influence, powers, or budget? Address! Don’t ignore, hide, and run. If you don’t know how to fight bulliers out of fears and you decide to ignore and run to another company in hopes of finding the right crowd who assess you as a fit, don’t! If you do, the bullying behaviors of that perpetrator will manifest and victimize others again. Learn rather strategies on how to efficiently address, set boundaries, and fight. Fleeing might not remedy the situation. The next job might mimic your previous job. And you end up as a victim again who let’s bulliers win. This is no joke. Do not allow yourself nor others to be a victim. And don’t let bulliers win.

Sadly not all mankind, in contrary to our believes, has humanly advanced. Mankind is still driven by money, greed, and power. Perpetrators are either active bulliers who execute their acts of bullies in a matter of fact fashion because they can as they know weaker parties will have no choice than to accept, ignore, or run. Bulliers also insist of passive aggressive groups of bulliers who will make themselves fit in and ignore active bulliers acts for the right amount of money, privilege, and networks.

If you are a good person and able to, please fight bullying. We can. It start with our immediate circle. Ignorance is a sign of weakness and that’s what a bullier counts on. What motivates us to run is because we are too tired and battered to stand up. Defending and fighting is work and it is much easier to give up. If you realistically see yourself as being worth of a declined opportunity, then stand your ground. Do not be a victim and don’t internalize implied flaws presented to you as justification from bulliers. They want to convince you that not fitting in is your fault and thereof you must either endure or leave. No other choice. Yes, you could try to pretend to fit in which a lot of people do just to please in hopes of an opportunity. But that’s wrong!

My wish for all people is that every corporation has to add a watchdog department that is paid by the corporations. However, that unit reports to the government so that they can independently act. It would be a protection against the hierarchy executed unfairness. I have been part of the Human Resource Dept. and know very well that they never protect the employees and always need to find out what employee’s problem is so that they can mitigate in favor of company and its bullying officers. But remember, it is your right to stand up and speak for yourselves

Life and a job humanly should be fair. However, it is far from being fair.

The saying “pick your battle wisely” still applies. However, on your terms. Don’t allow bulliers to dictate what those terms are.

Love the saying of Michele Obama. “When they go low, go up”. Kill them softly with love. deal-with-a-bullyThe root source of bullying is a manifested character flaw, motivating a bullier to exert bullying behaviors to rule. Tolerating them is a form of approval. Please don’t. Fight it!

Love and Blessings ❤️