Restore Yin & Yang

As I was watching yet another episode of Marie Forloe interviewing Mark Manson, I was puzzled as why there is a need to repeat the same strategies in various packages to make us achieve contentment in life. The answer is that we all unknowingly partake in a designed system of marketing and competition. Now I know why I was drawn to The Matrix. It was sending a message. Even though all our greats have well intentions, number one intention remains profit and popularity. That’s everyone’s weakness. Additional weaknesses that are played against us are male against female. In plain words, men need to f**k, are ridden from testosterone, and some of them need an adrenaline shot here and there. They cannot help it. That’s their nature. They feel guilty about their needs, thereof engage in lies and manipulations and power struggles and other destructive behaviors. And we women are emotional, need to be validated, and compete and control our herd with all our beings. Controlling, manipulative, and plain destructive as we women are more powerful and intuitive. Use your powers to build up vs. pouring into b.s.! Regardless, all of and any of these behaviors are badly damaging us and hindering our progress as mankind. We can turn the train around.

It is irrelevant what has transpired, make is better as of now.

I for one will no longer engage in them whenever possible. Yes, I am better at that cause my freaking life has been a struggle forever. But there is hope. You can expedite by practicing it as soon as you notice any behaviors in alignment with your conditionings and infestations. As I always have said to myself, practice makes the master. Do it! It’s liberating.

Love & Blessings ❤️


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