I am clueless and empty this morning. Words are definitely lacking. But from my past experiences, I know that once I start writing, it flows and feels great in hindsight.


Life is mostly dull as it is work and daily rut. But the exciting moments make it worth living. One can only wish to experience some excitement on a daily basis. I did one for yesterday when I glanced the shift bid ranking and after only having worked there for almost 7 months, I rank 12. Way to go! That did excite me. Wait up, here I come. I will be amongst the top for as long as I decide to stick around. Decent people are pleasant to deal with and I intend to improve my game to a degree to only see and experience humanities’ good sides. I would love that.

Weekend is 3 days work away. This weekend, I am meeting Michele and Stefanie in Glendale for the Chocolate Affair. I look forward to that. Super Bowl XLIX is on Sunday, here in Glendale, Arizona. Everybody is going crazy and partying without boundaries. I wished I would be as excited as some. But American Football hasn’t excited me yet that much. However, the good energies are flowing around and I love that.

The sun is rising and it looks beautiful. It might be another cloudy day in Arizona. We have to, however, be grateful not needing to shuffle snow and bundle up. The East Coast is experiencing a harsh winter. The upcoming spring is awesome. I hope my mom will have her visa until then and will be able to show up this Noruz. That would be nice despite all our differences. She is turning 70 this year. I would like to arrange some type of celebration for her. That one I have to think about its hows. It is going be another great day of my life, propelling me to the awesome near future, full of love and excitement. The best is yet to come.

Power of Brain

It’s a new week and a new game. Yet maintaining a state of gratitude at all times doesn’t come natural. It’s easier to be mad and dissatisfied than to count one’s blessings. I, however, want to change this attitude once for all. How to do? By making positive entries in this journal and sticking to ignoring the persisting pessimistic voices. See the good in life and ignore the bad.

We had a great weekend overall. We purchased our IPhone 6 Plus, a Fitbit Charge HR, a TiVo, and a mandarin tree. All great things that further enhance our life’s quality and deserve to be grateful for and appreciated. Mostly I am overjoyed for having planted a new tree in front of our home. I look forward to its bearings and smell during upcoming spring. The TiVo turned out great as well. We finally are able to record shows, tap into Netflix and YouTube, and play a few games. Fun!

There are indeed tons of blessings surrounding us but the brain has been trained to pick the negatives. I imagine my brain being retrained to function at its best state to maintain and, better yet, elevate my moods to attract the best in life possible.

I count my blessings and am grateful for all Universe gives me to enhance my life. I commit to the best there is and can be by improving my brain function. That itself is a miracle. I appreciate that.


It’s definitely something I have to fight on a daily basis to refrain from. It doesn’t necessarily interfere with being in a state of gratitude. It, however, changes the course of things I want and aim for.


Despite believing in my clarity, I doubt my ultimate wishes. Part of me would like to be amongst and work with awesome people. Another part believes it’s a too hard of a wish to reach for. That is due to being a cynic. I have a hart time to believe in humanity as we are multifaceted. Some days we are at our best and on other days, we could be at our worst. I shall say I love to experience the good sites. The truth remains that we are not perfect. Having said that, my ultimate wish is independence as I get hurt quickly and am too affected emotionally when I face humanities’ imperfections. Besides I do not like to be tied down to obligations and responsibilities. That of course is impossible too. I seek balance, that tips over to my favor. Some obligations and responsibilities are acceptable. However, mostly I would love to be free.

Persist to Consist

I am challenged today to remain optimistic and grateful. What a terrible thing to say! Even writing it makes me feel guilty. Having said that, I decided that I will still push through my rebellious perspective today to change my outlook.


There is still tons to remain grateful for in life. Thinking of yesterday for example, I am in gratitude that my neighbor did call me about sharing her oranges.
I am super grateful that my husband did receive a substantial pay increase in his hourly rate due to his outstanding performance.
I am grateful that my calls yesterday were courteous. I love dealing with reasonable people who are down to earth.
I am grateful that my released work schedule for next week and the week after it are my chosen work hours.
I am grateful for exercising yesterday.
I am grateful for my creativity and I look forward to utilizing my creative powers often daily.

May Universe bless me with a job that calls upon this power daily. May I always remain patient and believe in the power of greatness and blessings.

I end my gratitude confession for today, believing that magic is possible.

Love in the Air

It’s Wednesday, January 21st of 2015. I had a pretty good night sleep. I love that. Life is awesome and I look forward to another day in paradise. Today I intend to exercise in the morning.

red flowers

End of January is around the corner and another 3 to 4 months to go to ride out the wave season at work. I did experience some of it and it’s acceptable as time goes by faster when I am busy talking on the phone. However, I look forward to experiencing a career that allows me to make a living while writing/traveling to teach and coach. That’s my calling in life. To experience it in an exciting way and I look forward to that.

What am I grateful for? Are you kidding? Almost anything that surrounds me. I love the colors of our accessories and furniture’s. The nature in Arizona. You drive out and all you see is the big blue sky with fluffy clouds and a red mountain to north of us. The floors in my home. The space that’s beautiful. My desk and white office chair. The ability to use technology to access all I could want and communicate as I wish. Our President, Barack Obama. He is so intelligent and such a great motivator. May his everlasting optimism about US and its diplomacy prevail and elevate this nation and the world to new, improved heights. Humanity has some catch-up to do with all our blessings. I love my Mac laptop. It’s awesome! It’s reliable and starts up fast and of course it looks great. I love my blessings. Seems like I am always protected and supported by higher powers. The ability to clearly understand and observe my world is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I appreciate and love that. May the source always remain accessible.

My 1st 2015 Entry

I start my day, expressing my gratitude for what I have thus far in life and what I still want to have.

walking path in the woods

Things that make me extremely happy include:
A beautiful custom home in sunny Arizona.
My US Citizenship.
Sophie and Gia, our awesome little dogs.
Goldie, our almost 5 year-old gold fish.
A healthy body.
The easy home job.

Situations that I call for in my life and imagine myself to be in are:
Living in Europe 4 months a year.
Landing a great career opportunity that supports a life 4 months in Europe and the rest living in Arizona.
Financial abundance that allows me to beautify myself.
Excitement and joy.

This day will be another great day of my life. I look forward to living it. My coffee is almost finished, I finished reading my daily horoscope, and topped it of with starting a wonderful blog, gratitude confession.

Till next time …

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