Revitalize Life

Home for Christmas

Just in time for Christmas, a time to renew hopes and experience joy, I highly recommend revitalizing life as it will renew you. I spent the past year engaging in just organizing and revamping my life. It is transformational! The truth is that I engaged in any and all activities in alignment to my mission, which was self investment, just to bypass the stress I was experiencing at that time in my life. It truly works and in the end one cannot help than to feel proud of one’s accomplishments. And more importantly is it shifts one’s perspective. I learned to value and appreciate all what I have accumulated thus far, be it tangible or skills as tools. One learns to appreciate all as it is and comes to count one’s blessings. The more you engage in enriching your life by discovering all your blessings, the better your get at it. And life will magically renew when one engages in doing the right things in the now while patiently hoping for a better future, yet being prepared mentally/emotionally to deal with all as it comes, as best as possible. Practicing in any activity that will redo you and revitalize your life will be the best investment of your lifetime. The efforts you put in and the pain you endure will eventually equate to priceless accomplishments of your life that you will never ever forget. A memorable journey is what we all aim to live in this lifetime and one owes to experience one’s potential while still alive. We all have all we need to reach such a status. Do it.

May you enjoy the bliss of Holiday Season 🎄☃️

Love and Blessings ❤️


Break Bonds that High-jack One

breaking bonds

It’s a secret to success in life. The more focused you remain on your mission and ignore what a dysfunctional society and/or your surrounding wants from you, the closer you will be to bliss. Now a days that’s quite difficult to manage as every single interaction demands your attention and conditions you. The more one tries to please all and everyone, the more one’s soul splits or in other terms gets lost and confused. I know first hand how that it is as I too as many of you have grown up in a dysfunctional family as well as have dealt and am still dealing  with the society and all it imposes on me. All those expectations caused me to questions my trajectory and thereof remain unhappy. A conditioning that most of us suffer from. My dysfunctional family, specially my love for my mother derailed and bluffed me to remain convinced that my happiness could have been or should have been different. Since she has been unable to maximize her resources and has been convinced that we all must brood together, she insists and argues with me for hours that my way is wrong because it does not flow with hers. As if I belong to her because she gave birth to me and must accept that BS. It is ironic. Same thing happens outside. Because I have been an introvert and care less to socialize and shoot the crap with everyone, society tries to condition me with their reaction to my uninviting attitude. Makes me feel like crap! As if I must smile at everyone and listen to all cutsie pitches and/or attempts to connect. If I don’t, then I am crazy and/or a bitch or too standoffish. So sorry about that. It truly is not my intentions to offend anyone. However, one must understand that the more you try to please everyone and/or all interactions, the less you are able to please yourself in life. Naturally I have developed a very thick skin to remain focused on my mission.

A very strong bond is indeed a tie to one’s roots. The expectations of our surrounding misleads us to believe we must comply with a dysfunctional manner of existence due to fake set expectations. But we must not! I for one saw how my own family managed to ruin themselves and all due to their wrong mindsets and their wrong reactions to external factors. As if we they had no control. Kind of stupid. So sorry to say that. However, that is the fact. If we are not privileged to grow in the most idealistic environment to be whole, we run ourselves down the drain because we try to keep up with it all while loosing ourselves. So I decided I will not partake it that.

Do not allow your emotional bonds nor reactions high-jack you. We have a choice. Now and the future can be brighter only if we decide to address issues in a proper manner. In my personal life I have been multiple times in cross roads where I had to make hard choices that set my family and/or society off to follow my own bliss. To say the least, it has been very rough as I continued to feel guilty and ashamed for my ways of existence. However, today I am super happy that I always followed this principle regardless of how much pain, loneliness, and awkwardness I endured. As I always knew that you can only be helpful to your family and/or surrounding if you are full yourself. Naturally I have proudly remained dedicated to my mission. Same applies to our collective trajectory as a society. All our experiences depend on our correct choices now and today. We control it all. We can control the crazies from running nuts to disturb the freedom of all those who were trying to experience love and happiness in Las Vegas. How many more tragedies must we experience before we wake up? Failing to take active actions at the right time to control us and our environment will result in tragic outcomes. That’s a fact.

Love and Blessings ❤️


Optimism Heals

optimismYes, change starts within! I for one always appreciated everything in my life, saw people for their loving qualities, and always remember good memories that I loved and still love to build and capture, be it in writing, photography, collecting, cooking, and etc.! You get the picture. It means that my “happy go lucky” perspectives have continued to attract beauty into my life. Law of attraction is only activated if one flows within its rules. I also understood and still understand that life has its cycles of ups and downs. Handling all that transpires in life with grace maintains sanity. Remain cool, calm, and collected as reality is reality. Deal with it. Nor tolerate sour pusses or other unfitting people in life. No shame in that. Sometimes chemistries/energies complete each other and other times they repel. Only acceptance will set one free. Another quality that has served me is to live in now. It has not been easy. Yet practice does make the master. Living in now is the biggest blessing ever. We all are born into a tribe and a location that has been chosen for us by divine powers. Wasting time agonizing, fighting, or being dismayed about what is, is a waste of life time. So is worrying about an unforeseen future. Do the right thing now and it could be bright. However, remain realistic that certain outcomes depend on the collective efforts of all involved. Sure, the though of dying and not knowing what the future brings is scary and paralyzing as hell. Know, however, that your dismay is irrelevant as the law of nature could care less and you are wasting again your pressure time now, engaging in self sabotaging doings, agonizing about something irrelevant to now. If you abide by grace and remain faithful and patient, the law of attraction will naturally propel you in life. I have experienced these phenomenons myself and speak of truth. These transformations are undeniable  and they are due to practicing these laws. Let me summarize again:

*Live in now
*Appreciate all as it is [count blessings, build memories, remain kind, handle all with grace]
*Be faithful and believe in magic

Life is too short to be functioning in any other manner that disadvantages you. Start practicing these simple principles to enhance the experiences of your existence and those around you. That is true bliss and the more people practice that, the better our society will function as a whole. The chaos lately has been disturbing. I for one am one of many who is super angry and fed up with all. These dysfunctions are visible every where we go and in most people we interact with. It is staggering and saddening! People engage in inappropriate behaviors out of anger. These behaviors could include being pushy, too sexual, insecure, ugly, violent, on drugs or alcohol, or simply careless about their reputation and/or output at various events. Everyone is needy and has learned to focus on self agendas in life with no regards. Yes, we continue to think we are insignificant to make a difference and that’s why it is OK to behave inappropriately as no one cares. Yet, we don’t realize that we matter and only if we know that we do, will we make a change. Let us embark on this journey to transform ourselves to transform our world. It can be done!



Love and Blessings ❤️


Lack of Control


Fighting control has been an issue that has divided a nation and its people. Logically we must, however, for the sake of unity understand that it takes control to bring order back to our nation as well as our communities to achieve unity. Lack of control in all areas of life has allowed confused, power hungry, greedy people to run the show and take the ship into a direction that is royally damaging and unrecognizable. Enough is enough! We all agree to that logic. Let’s stick to it and flourish it. Let’s start repairing and making it good again. It is achievable only if pledge to it and take steps to repair. We all can start from where we are at as repair and healing starts within. Prioritize and refrain from falling into a routine life that distracts one from priorities in life. Address what must be addressed first prior to engaging in mind-less entertainment and routines, forgetting your priorities. As we all know, the root of any issue must be addressed first to clear up real damage. Otherwise we will automatically rely on numbing our pain that has been caused by the damage which leads to even more damage. I personally engaged in that type of repeating cycle for years. What a waste of my life time! The awaking is so awesome that I am super eager to inspire others. The timing couldn’t be better for our nation needing to wake up and take control of all that needs to be controlled in order to shut down people who are taking advantage of us giving control or relaxing on control, believing that people will do the right thing with common sense. Regretfully that’s an inaccurate assumption. I learned that truth in a hard way. Nevertheless, we humans are part of the animal kingdom and depending on our believe systems, we form our hidden agendas and exert our animal powers to propel our agendas in life. If we don’t control and tame those sides, we will do the wrong thing based on mentioned facts. Understand and accept that control is a good thing not bad as long as it is fair and within rules that bring order and peace. We can do it!

Love and Blessings ❤️


Seed of Hope

seed of hope

Never ever forget that planting a seed in any area of your life that matters to you requires hope. Hope includes trust and believe, as we are nothing in this wide universe. Scary and dis-empowering thoughts that drive one to feel crazy, disconnected, damaged, hopeless, to be forced into adopting corruption, believing it to be the only way of existence. Drove me nuts and still does at times! Practice, however, makes the master. So naturally I am getting better at managing myself. We have the choice. I now know/feel that divine powers do exist. We are born on a day and die someday. What we do while we are journeying matters. Every single interaction, thoughts, reactions, sayings, doings translate into energies. That’s a powerful spiritual wisdom that must be adopted and practiced if we want to succeed. One has always the opportunity to start from NOW. To possibly succeed in life, the first step is that we must believe, know that planting a seed is next, and of course cautiously nourish it in hopes of it doing well and resulting in something worth to be proud of someday. We have done it and we can do it again. It was with that hope that anybody accomplished anything good in life. Just witness and actively partake in your environment rather than shying away. It is our only hopeful way of continuance. It is not guaranteed. However, only doing good could result in good.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Lao Tzu


Anne Frank wrote in her famous diary, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Do not be fooled by advertisement nor media nor intimidated by power craving individuals nor by your own demons that continue to deny the existence of divine powers nor voices that keep you captivated/imprisoned/limited in your world. Remain focused on your mission. Hope does exist and so do all our blessings. That’s not a delusion. However, one must dare to tackle all and any areas/characters in life to have any chance of progression. Don’t be afraid of consequences. As we know only taking risks will force growth and progress but we must speak the truth with love or tough love that could result in a positive outcome. But do believe as divine powers that are wanting us all to succeed exist. You can tell if you pay attention. Know that only the truth will heal you.

To plant any seed, you must believe and trust first. Trick your mind. It can be done as I can testify that it works. What are the actions that have always helped me are to view all and any interaction, circumstances, or situation with love and compassion. I know it won’t work immediately. However, it will eventually if you insist on tricking your mind and heart to always have good intentions, act in love, starting now. If you want to ever accomplish anything in life, believe, develop hope, plant your seeds, deeply appreciate and respect the laws of nature which are love and now. I promise you will always succeed as a guiltless mind sets you free. Know always that your sayings, doings, actions or reactions must be in alignment with love and now, not assumptions based on one’s believe and not in the past. You may dream of a brighter future. It is the seed of hope. Aim for it.

In contrary to my believe system thus far, I was not a fan of organized religion. However, how stupid of me to think that I am the mighty one who is the sole driver of my life. The truth is that we must encompass all resources, including us as well as all other blessings to try. To reach, believe and trust that Divine Powers do exist and want us all to do well. Thereof, we must look at all our resources to piece this puzzle as best as possible together.

Believe in Divine Powers, proceed with love and from now, identify your blessings.

You will be all set to experience bliss if you start with these simple steps. why? Because knowing that a greater divine power is guiding one is the most comforting feeling ever. It is the first step in removing the hate and skeptical viewpoints that are interfering with our greatness. It has given us all that we need to do well. Let’s do it to prevent further resentments.

For those of us who presently are believers of one divine power, here is a message from Pope Francis broadcasted on Ted in April 2017. Everybody is pleading for salvage. Please listen.

I truly appreciate his wisdom and gladly adopt while all logic tells us that we can only progress as a unit and conquer all ugliness with our attitude. That happens in every single moment and start with us. Act out of love and you/we will be loved. Lack of it leads to despair and ugliness and will destroy you/us.

Be part of a change and donate to this cause.

Love and Blessings ❤️


Now or Never!

earth angelNow or never is the divine warning to all of us! We have all the resources to be great again yet we have allowed ourselves to walk the wrong path. Why? As it is absolutely not needed. Yes, it is lots of work to turn our ship around, but healing starts with a small step. To heal the world, heal thyself first. And know that the journey is fun and rewarding. Dare to and just mimic all others who have accomplished true happiness. I know that we can do it cause I did it. How to? It is a lengthy process. However, it can be expedited only if you could stop denying facts, that we have all the resources to be great. Who am I to deliver such a profound, life changing message? Well, apparently we are going through a paradigm shift on earth and seem like I am part of it. Listen to Harry Styler’s song “Sign of the Times”:

It’s been leery and ominous, to say the least. But I am done playing small as all the signs lead to a logical explanation for my existence. I am a true teacher, a writer, and a life scholar who cares about you and us. I want us all to do well. Within these past few weeks, it has unraveled that I am one to organize the facts/resources so that we all can propel together. I believe we all want that. The 1st thing that must stop in order for us to start healing is to accept that we only can live up to our potential within this animal kingdom. And no! you cannot be anything you want to be if you lack the potential which is a law of animal kingdom hierarchy. Accept, stop being jealous, trying to outdo those above you. That’s the first thing. Believe in all existing powers as well as good and bad energies and the truth that if we don’t pay attention to what we need to, then we will be misled/misguided and suffer. We all know how that feels like as we are all hurt children who want to be loved. Watch Pink’s video, called “What About Us”:

I truly had no option than to believe and develop faith in our Universe after getting the messages loud and clear. But honestly, I wasn’t even a believer, to begin with. That fact confirms that there is no way I could have been brainwashed to blindly believe, in other words, I cannot be delusional. Impossible! The next step is to do right, always and in any situation or interactions. Please do not engage in mindless entertainment that allows the top to lead us like marionettes. Look where we are at because we have been trained to focus on just passing the presented bridge and pretend to be happy. We are not. A sample is the hurricane Harvey. We have been warned that climate change will devastate our habitat. Yet we failed to prevent and we engage in helping now to feel worthy and humble about ourselves momentarily. Enough already. There is still time to prevent future disasters. Failing to plan is the same as planning to fail. The other day I watched the news and observed all the kindness and that all of us wanting to help, which is honorable. Yet, what the fuck! That’s the most stupid mistake ever. We need to address as soon as a problem arises and not let it go to shit! Makes me furious and sad.

Wrong is too that we continue to tolerate wrongs to prevent shaking things up or change the status quo. A pretty obvious present situation is that we continue to tolerate that idiot president’s behaviors while he continues to endanger us/the world due to wanting to entertain and enrich himself. We have allowed him to because we are busy running our routine life’s, convinced we are powerless to force any changes while some run the show. We can do better.

What about gun control? In today’s dangerous world with lots of mental patients running around we continue to argue that the 2nd amendment is still relevant. Not really! We need to wake up before the damage infests and permanently damages. A big sample is as our present opioid epidemic. There are things that are black and white. Stop arguing right and wrong. The sooner you accept, the faster you get to where you can go. Live in now and do your best. Please manage all presented risks at all times to prevent future disasters and take the right steps to ensure harmony, peace, and love.

Another fundamental shift that must happen is that our men must stop behaving like hotshots and predators, falsely following sex and money and power, pretending to be kind with animals or children or their significant others or mothers and friends just to appeal sexually or misuse a woman’s biological tendencies/vulnerabilities to seek love and affection. All of these are signs of seeking to deceive or manipulate. These kind of behaviors will upset and send the wrong messages. That women must and need to compete with one another for men’s attention or play other games. What that will do is to dis-harmonize and cause unnecessary conflicts and corruption resulting in damaging outcomes. The value of a strong family is our only way of continuance. But nowadays we are conditioned to compete, be corrupted, censor, pretend, and/or be manipulative. These are our flaws. Terrible! That must change. Accept that our women have more powers. Utilize them and be more efficient. Any behaviors in contrary to the laws of our Universe will damage our environment. To achieve peace and prosperity, aim to heal. Isn’t that what it should be all about?

Another fact observed is that so many men are not able to compete in today’s world due to not meeting the set standards to achieve happiness and bliss. Many are assessed as too weak, categorized, or expelled. These minorities either resort to convert into the opposite gender or choose to be homosexuals or suicidal or mental or depressed. More terrible conditionings that we partake in because we categorize everyone based on our own false values embedded deeply in our blueprints. What are we unknowingly doing?  Just because someone is different, you should not judge by a superficial evaluation and thereof dismiss. Misjudging/misassessing is not only ugly, it is a possible lost opportunity. Additionally, you are conditioning someone with your passive aggressive, subliminal messages. So do not be afraid of dialogue as it makes us grow nor be afraid of following all methods to aim for greatness. Here is one published method on how to update your blueprint:

In contrary to all that is being preached presently, censorship, pretentiousness, consumption, and mindless entertainments are indeed habits of feeble minded people who are lead. If you want to propel and ever experience bliss, then drop these flaws. These behaviors have sickened our society and are the culprit of all our sufferings. We can do better together if we put our minds to it. That’s why forming the right team is so important to gather the support system that empowers.

In this piece, I am including a video that talks of a Bethlehem star and the 12 signs that correlate with our science that confirm our present shift. So excited for our generation to be part of it.

After having watched a few videos, as the one above, and connecting the dots of all that has transpired in my life, I now am a believer.  I have achieved self healing and am eager to teach you too the how to’s so that you may save yourself as well. Our greats are indeed drumming these messages in many forms and shapes ever since our existence. I continue discovering them. So can you. We humans can be beautiful if we choose too and there are lots of beautiful things on this earth to enjoy, including man’s creations that include music to movies to medical advancement to technology to art to history and the list goes on and on. Manage and preserve us. Do it!

Love and Blessings ❤️


Winning Strategies

In this piece I wanted to share some of the short cuts [winning strategies] that I have learned and organized over my lifetime that help one to maximize, optimize, and utilize resources. I truly believe that I am just a divine vehicle as all of us are, just channeling a greater purpose. Yes, I now know that there is a higher power. And it wants us all to do well and live in prosperity. Only if we could manage to stay true to ourselves, will we be able to experience bliss. That is a lot of work. However, don’t despair if your factors are not as you wished them to be, I know that you can always start from NOW. A great strategy that has lead to many success stories of our times. Know that we all have the power in today’s world to tap into all our resources to make it great! Our perspectives, doings, sayings, and reactions can damage or enrich. So apply these strategies if you care to steer this mess we are presently experiencing toward a brighter destiny. Having said that, below are the strategies I was referring to:

  • Love Thyself First

Healing yourself is the best investment ever. Do it guilt free. We women have even a higher responsibility because we are the center of it all as we control our village. Enriching yourself will enrich your village. I used to always be ashamed for doing something for myself. However, now I am glad I did. Surely you can relate. Learning to adopt self loving practices is complex but so worth it.

  • Refrain from Judgment

Assuming based on one’s conditionings and upbringing is misleading and keeps one framed in a box. Judgement leads to fear and fear will prevent progress. I am not kidding. There are hundred of examples I could cite.

  • Embrace Change and Adversity

Don’t resist change. It is inevitable as we all know this fact. It truly deepens our soul and beautifies. The sooner you stop moaning about how bad you got it, the sooner you can solve a problem. Never ever fear addressing and seeking to solve a problem! If you fail to address and solve, sooner or later that problem will become your miserable reality. What do I mean? An example is today’s agonizing political environment. The country is divided. However, we have no other choice than to accept it as done. Yet, we are all obligated to pick our lessons and effectively prevent such a mess from repeating itself in history. I, as many as you, felt truly hijacked and mislead. That initially lead to frustrations and anger. All damaging behaviors. But I decided that I will no longer allow external factors to run me. My mission became learning how to embrace the presented adversity. I recognized that we all needed to learn. What are the lessons?  Important lessons are that we are not to blindly believe, develop awareness, and remain vigilant. There are so many additional personal stories that validate our need to embrace change and view adversities as learning and growth opportunities. To see how this strategy has helped me to propel, read Adversity Deepens and Beautifies article.

  • Appreciate the Beauty

Gratitude is truly a winning attitude in life. Ever since I started appreciating my gifts and blessings, did I develop confidence. Do it and you too will see good things unfold for you. We all know it but are we walking the talk? I think not. I could elaborate on that topic forever and ever. However, I will cite a few examples to show you how we all unknowingly contribute to damaging ourselves and our environment. All that because we fail to follow the Universal rules. Sorry for bashing some but for the sake of educating, I do not hesitate. As many of you know I have been striving to break the mold to establish myself as an independent writer, wanting to educate and entertain as I firmly believe knowledge is power and that I am a great storyteller, self thought through real life experiences and accomplishments. My tribe, however, never ever empowered nor supported me. In fact I continued to experience the opposite. Lots of passive aggressive behaviors to imply that I suck and should give up trying. Perhaps I misinterpreted and internalized their dis-empowering, discouraging, and unsupportive conducts!? I allowed people and their reactions to dictate my mood. So naturally my progress in life has been drastically procrastinated. We outlaw people that don’t fit our molds and standards. Sometimes I wonder if it is our jealousy that prevents us from making our resources available to others!? Or maybe misjudgments and assumptions of someone’s character and values!? Fact is that majority of people will go out of their way to prevent one’s success! There are tons of examples that I have personally experienced throughout my life. Here is one: I met a successful coach/author to ask her if she could kindly extend her resources so that I can establish myself. I truly thought she is a kind person who is truly interested in enriching her community, specially since I had observed her progress for 10+ years. However, to my dismay, I learned quickly that I was naive. The truth is that she had displayed throughout multiple interactions that I am not welcomed in her circles. The dumb ass me, however, continued to remain naive and firmly believed that only if I would show my sincerity, that I have all intentions to pay her back for her kindness, she will change her awkward resistance and help me. Was I wrong! In an attempt to intimidate and halt my progress, she brought her husband with as she assumed that I am shy and would not express myself. Additionally she continued to try to convince me that I was wrong with my entrepreneurial endeavors. Initially I didn’t think much of it as I thought she just lacked innovation. In hindsight, however, I know that she did what she did due to a few human conditionings that we all suffer from. We all feel stronger in a group and thereof misjudge our powers. Just in this example there are at least 4 mankind flaws we all suffer from. Misjudgment, jealousy, competition, and missed opportunities to collaborate spread to expand. Initially I was saddened, disappointed, and discouraged. However, the truth is she still is an awesome mother, wife, author, coach; Positively inspires and a teaches. So I decided that it is okay for some folks to repel you if they assess you as not within their tribe.  Regardless of how hurt and discouraged you may feel, always appreciate the beautify within everything. She truly has been inspiring to my journey. Thereof I will always appreciate that.

  • Forgive

Always act from now and forgive yourself and all external factors. It will excel your prosperity and more importantly prevent irrevocable damages. We all have witnessed miscommunications and provocations that have ended up in uncalled actions. Forgive because all that has hurt you or is still hurting you motivates you to take actions, builds character, and deepened your wisdom. And anybody who does  not want to embrace you, should not be a big deal. They just are not on your team. Forgive and move on. As all happens as it should. Harboring ill feelings will only harm you. Know that people are good at the bottom of their heart and do only because they do not know better. A popular wisdom that I gladly adopted and believe in. Side note: I do not advocate for organized religion. However, all gospels, doctrines, religions, and spiritual practices carry deep wisdom that we must combine, adopt, and practice in our daily actions and saying to achieve greatness. Just believing in one entity will limit your resource. No intentions to insult. Just citing a fact that I hope will inspire you to adjust your perspectives and evolve so that you may manage all better to steer your destiny.

  • Do Good, Always

Spreading love will bring prosperity. Care for how your actions/reactions affect your destiny; Our destiny. Don’t forget the ripple effect of physic. All is about damaging or enriching energies. There are tons of examples for this one. I do want to cite some samples to bring awareness to all of us about how we all are guilty. Jealousy and competition are huge flaws that are damaging us. Subconsciously practicing these flaws not only infests and conditions our psyche, it is royally damaging. The other day I was watching the news. A couple was being interviewed. Between those two, he was more attractive and well spoken. You could see how she suddenly had become insecure because her man was badly trying to impress the attractive anchor lady. Of course it is understandable. I have been so many times myself in that situation. Due to my obesity, I lacked confidence and thereof insecure in presence of my attractive husband. So whenever I felt insecure I would make a stink, get into verbal fights and arguments, and agonize myself because my husband dared to eye a more attractive woman. How dare him. Evaluating my reactions and actions in hindsight, I know my manipulative conducts were quite damaging. But I forgive myself as I was executing subconsciously due to my conditinings. The true story was that most men will always think with their dick and if they have not learned to control their actions and reactions, will visually react to a more attractive person. It truly is no reason for jealousy nor insecurity as love is voluntarily, not forced. A good man will look and react but will always come back to his anchor. Remain secure and control the situation. If his autopilot actions are hurtful to you, just express yourself. If he doesn’t honor it, then you know sooner than later. From personal experiences I can tell you that the more you adopt that philosophy, that love is voluntarily and unforced, the liberated you will feel. Thereof do not engage in any manipulative behaviors to justify your own insecurities and/or jealousy. Another super damaging behavior is that we women are still backstabbing each other to compete with one another for attention. How stupid. Don’t we realize that we are unknowingly conditioning ourselves. Not only are we still sending sexiest messages to our fellow sisters, we are also teaching the upcoming generation by being a role model. If we strive to be treated equally, we must learn to manage these bad behaviors.

  • Maximize your Resource

This is huge. A huge reliable resource is you. Invest in yourself and I promise you will be ahead. Train your brain. Don’t be afraid to standup for yourself no matter how much resistance you face. Only authenticity will set you free. Whatever truly bothers your core, distance yourself as it is OK. I left my family behind. To this date that actions is at times being challenged and questioned by people as they believe one should remain loyal to a born in tribe and if one breaks free, one should feel guilty. And I did for years. Feeling guilty and lonely. However, deep down I always knew I was doing the right thing in contrary to how people assessed my actions as shrewd.  Another practice to optimize your resources is to find your tribe and learn to collaborate. That means people you are at ease with to have a dialogue with as only together can we grow.

  • Grow and Evolve

Growing and evolving is the only way you can keep ahead in this times. Change is happening rapidly. If you don’t rise up and evolve, you will suffer.  Knowledge is power. So never fail to grow, evolve, and naturally sacrifice to achieve improvements. This includes your sincere ability to admit to mistakes and make a conscious effort to rectify. If you attempt to hide your flaws, you will commit to other lies to cover and/or justify. However, with that you will continue to lie to yourself which is another damaging flaw due to its ripple effect.

  • Focus

The more divided you are on your perspectives, goals, and missions, the harder it will be for you to genuinely tune into your true potential. It is your job to properly listen to signs and identify your purpose. If you do not move in alignment within your path and purpose, you will dearly pay. I know it as I have committed that mistake so many times in my life. I don’t regret as each one of the experiences has had teachable moments and has made me into who I am. In my case in served a purpose as I love being a life scholar that breaks down facts and shares them in writing. However, I noticed we all wander off because of our fearful self-talks that divert and mislead us. If you want to be more efficient and reach your destiny faster, eliminate possibilities quickly to make choices and stick to them. It expedites your progress.

  •  Accept Status

This is a huge one. Comparision truly will weaken your abilities to advance from where you are. Due to this very damaging conditioning, we are halting our progress as individuals and collectively. I know it as people have always had a reaction to me due to being a little bit more advanced. Within these past few years, I dared to utilize all my available resources to transform myself. Ever since, it has gotten even more tense for me. The withdrawal of friendships, support, love, and kindness has been very cruel and hurtful. I, however, wanted to succed even more since I am rebelious by nature. Glad Universe gifted me with that attitude as it served me in contrary to how my surrounding unknowingly was trying to force me into believing that being rebelious is stupid. Look at comparission from a different angle. Maturity and mankind advancement vary. We accept that among children. As we all know girls advance much faster. Yet we are unable to accept that in adults as it has caused gender discrepancies due to repellant attitudes of men towards women due to comparison and jealousies. The genders are battling it out and so are there are massive competition among us women as well men. All ridiculous animalistic behaviors. As we all have been brainwashed to believe that comparison is okay as it motivates. Wrong. Do do not get upset nor intimated if you run into a more advanced human being who has firgured how to utilize his/her gifts. Make it your mission to learn, rather than repel or jump to assumptions to justify your behaviors. Develop individual awareness of how your abilities are to accept and pace at ease without insecurities so that you may continue to maximize your potential. It is all about healing yourself to collectively propel.

  • Stop Projecting

Projecting your believe system onto people or circumstances is truly hurtful. I have seen and experienced this so many times. People assume that I am a lesbian because I do not engage in flirtious behaviors with men or am too town-boyish!? And I have been labled as unfriendly or standoffish because I am an introvert who has learned through a painful life trajectory not to blindly trust as I know that there is always a hidden agenda that drives us. You go to doctor’s office, believing that there is a compassionate expert who wants you to do well and yet he/she is only motivated to profit and expects to be respected/adored for just being a doctor. Terrible! There are tons of  other examples of how projecting our own believe system onto others is misleading you and pushing others into a defensive/combative mechanism. It creates anger and resentments in us and our communities. I truly thought to myself that I should maybe be a lesbian since everyone was insinuating that I fit the bill. But I am not. I don’t care anymore for being as I am. One does NOT need to be forced into any mold for being different. Having adopted this strategy too helps me as well. I no longer assume anything about anyone unless they show their true face. And that’s okay too. If someone is not your tribe or has a hidden agenda, don’t behave hostile. Move on. Live and let live.

  • Trust and Faith

It has been difficult for me to trust and have faith. However, it is a winning tool to adopt. It also is true. If you develop a pure heart, learn your lessons properly, and do your best to do the right thing in life, Universe will always be there for you. That’s the Law of Attraction that’s known and practiced by many. How do I know it? Well, I always have been seeking to identify all my resources to excel, as we all do. Yes, I am blessed for the gift of curiousity that propelled me to discover this major resource. There are tons of example of how one can tap into them. All I did is to closely learn how it’s done. It isn’t that simple to master. However, whatever you continue to practice, you will eventually master. Another added benefit of having faith and trusting that all will be as it should be is so comforting that you no longer will blame nor judge yourself for mistakes. Just remain calm and trust that you are whole as you are.

  • Believe

Higher power and Universal engergies exist. Believing is divine and will make you prosper. Kindness is what has made humanity in this animal kingdom propel and progress. Of course there are many other gifts. Another powerful one is our brain. My gosh. It is another great gift we all have been blessed with. That’s why we must continue to train our brain. But training the brain without compassion will cause corruption. There are tons of studies out there about the correlation between heart and brain. The fonder/purer your heart, the more brain power you will have. Sex and money are sold wrongfully to all of us as a holy grail of power. However, do not forget that kindness is preached in all doctrines. Do not be mislead nor forced by any set standards to disobey this universal law. Any misalignment will come back to you. And yes, if you tell yourself that your unkind actions and doings are okay as they are in alignment with set standards of business and/or any other believe system, you are misleading yourself. Care and the Universe will care for you. If we fail that, we will collectively fail. And failing we are if we don’t pay attention to what is bothering us and fail to actively to aim to rectify. The saying “Failing to plan equals to planning to fail” is so true. I know there are people, including me, who continue to beg us to return the direction of our ship. And with knowledge you can evolve and accomplish that. Be among the pioneers to harvest all powers to excel. Do it!

Ever since the solar eclipse on August 21st, the divine downloads have been extreme. It has felt like I have been in a trance. Thoughts and ideas continue to flow. I used to believe that I was clever. Yes, there was always an esoteric part of me who has believed in harvesting all Universal resources to achieve life milestones. So naturally I easily would make a conscious effort to learn all strategies to propel. That attitude has served me because it has motivated me to continue educating myself. Now, however, I know that there is a greater power steering it. I am humbled to be a chosen one among million of other greats that are spreading love and kindness in this world to enrich. So do not be afraid to wake up, develop awareness, nor do limit yourself due to lack of knowledge. Meet your higher self. This guy explains it so well what it is.

It is truly who you are and what your values are. As I mentioned previously, I do not believe in organized religion. I condemn that organization because they have become corrupted and power hungry and thereof are misleading us. Nor delusional about some weird, non-existing Universal powers. Millions have felt the divine energy that has forced changes in all of us within these past few years. Victor Oddo has been a virtual guide to me. Listen to what he has to say about these divine energies referred to.

I would have lost it many times if it wasn’t for the divine energies that would lead me to various available resources that have helped me to remain sane and navigate through this maze called life. It has been a blessing that I have learned these skills due to experienced hardships. Exhausting at times. But so worth it.

Lastly if you cannot be convinced that spirituality nor energies exists, here is a religious explanation of how it all correlates.

All of these included resources are to educate you. What qualifies me to preach, is my love and passion to observe and study life, organize strategies, and write to make it all better. I have done that my entire life and am getting closer to managing it efficiently.

No matter how you aim to reach greatness, may you always succeed.

Love and Blessings ❤️


Heal the World

Positive change starts within and spreads to your immediate community. Believe me! If you care to heal the world and our earth, then please start the positive changes within. I did today. I attended a solar eclipse party and dared to shamelessly tell people what are their inappropriate behaviors. And I am proud of it as I know things that tick people off are thought provoking and make them think about many things. As painful this viewpoint and challenging it has been in my life, I care less. And know that Universe has a message for all of us. That we are all gifted and must use our gifts to spread good into our world. I as a warrior of life have not done the right thing thus far either, fully. Yes, partially I would (or maybe subconsciously) always challenge myself and others to push buttons. However, I would always feel ashamed later and try to justify my actions to surrounding people. They too, however, seem to be too conditioned to do the right thing. Thereof, if you fail to listen to yourself, you will be mislead.

Change Starts Small & Within

So here is what transpired today for me and how you too can decide to change today.

As I was making my way into the venue, I dared to be who I truly am and told myself to not care about people’s reactions and don’t allow myself once again to be intimated that distracts, hurts, and makes always miss opportunities in life. Yes, I took many breaths to calms my anxiety. Why anxious? Because people are bullies at times without knowledge due to their conditionigs and learned behavioral limitations, and fears, and I freaking am an empath. If you don’t know what that is, what the heck are you doing here? As I was driving, the radio was playing a tune. Within the lyrics I heard ‘I must confess and imagine people naked’. So there. Advises and guides are everywhere. Your job is to pick up the right frequencies. I did picture everyone naked and was not afraid to call their inappropriate behaviors to their attention and knew in my heart that I only did or said hurtful things out of love, to motivate them to change. People are just inappropriate and will rob your freedom to exist and/or teach you to not fully express yourself because it is politically incorrect. With their actions and/or saying they try to intimidate you, which conditioned and teaches one to remain silent and act as if things went unnoticed. ‘Not with me ‘ as I have been telling myself for a while. However, implementing it has been rather difficult as people will continue to punish you for defending yourself. It is very hurtful and vindictive at times. Terrible! Back to my stories, a grandpa suddenly noticed me sitting there and just blocked my view. I patiently waited and waited. He would not move and he kept enjoying his drink while standing in my view. I asked if he could kindly move as he was blocking my view. His reaction was to look at me in a weird way, laugh, and ask me in a sarcastic way “what am I looking at?” I am thinking to myself, “none of your freaking business, really. Didn’t want to talk to you grandpa.” So I looked at him in a funny way and crossed my legs and arms while picturing him naked. It was funny. More  importantly the advice worked as he moved and was ashamed to invade my space again. Two minutes later a family noticed me confidently sitting there in my designer outfit and confident and came fairly close to me to start speaking loud about their exciting life events. A woman who either knew them or was there with them, was watching me too from afar. Once she noticed that I am annoyed with the loud speaking voices while sitting there to enjoy the Sonoran desert in quietness, she felt empowered to join the group and add to the noises to intimate my arrogance and confidence. I truly felt like my privacy was intentionally violated in an effort to make feel back about being there solo. I thought to myself: “Okay, if you must try to annoy and intimate me with loud or make me sad 🤣 because I am alone at the venue, I will annoy you guys too.” And I did. I turned my favorite music channel on and it was a rap song that was blurting aggressively “it is going done” and “who the f**k cares what they think”. Wow! I couldn’t help it. I started shaking and dancing. The family started laughing. I laughed back and ask if they can kindly take their loud convos somewhere else as it is rude they are too loud. It worked too. Of course they gave me the looks of dismay. But I again told myself that I did the right thing as it is rude for people to act in such unkind manner to intimated and push one over to obey their set standards. As if they aim to send a passive aggressive message to condition you. But I keep telling myself that they do not know better. It helps. Last night too was I watching Bill Maher. One thing he said that deeply resonated with me is that we must say it as it is. Enough already of us being conditioned and/or conditioning our fellow people through manipulative behaviors. I for one refuse for myself to be that way ever. Five minutes later another stylish grandpa with colored hairs continues to pass my views while stopping, using his smart phone, trying to impress me with kindness and humorous loud talks to his younger buddies. After he paroled in my viewpoint for the six time, I asked him is he had any intentions as I am not interested in him because he continued showing off in front me. He acted as if my inquiry was rude and was physically shaking. He called me in a disturbing, unkind way: “You are Weird.” I said “so what!?” Someone must tell people how obvious their inappropriate, damaging behaviors are so that they may think of their actions and rectify. Wishful thinking. Two minutes later he joins a group across of me and starts bashing me to them while they too start laughing at me. One of them was a chubby guy who I could tell is insecure and felt empowered once the grandpa joined their group. He started to some degree mimicking my dancing and started shaking legs and talking out loud with the grandpa while looking over. I laughed again cause I could not help than to imagine him naked, shaking his fat belly. He was wearing an Apple watch. I had to blurt to him that he should shake it and take a few steps for a change while thinking how Bill Maher said to call it as it is. We all are blessed with so much yet we chose to engage in damaging behaviors. Enough is enough.

With those intentions in mind and totally being vested in healing the world one step at the time, I bought a domain. Quite a lofty mission but I believe together we can heal the world as it is doable if we only focus on the positives and make small changes. Because one day we will be proud of our accomplishments! You can do it.

Love and Blessings ❤️


Adversity Deepens & Beautifies

It is the truth! We all get pissed off once life gets to be too complex. Yet it is learning to navigate all its transpired circumstances. Do it with poise and grace and learn your lessons to break through. Beside of feeling proud of yourself, figuring out how to solve issues, truly deepens and beautifies your soul and appreciation for life. I know it cause I used to bitch and moan at all that wasn’t right in my life. However, once I learned that circumstances are as they are and that it is my job to hash them out and/or attempt to solve them, did I seek to educate myself to make it. Another confirmation is almost everyone has a reaction to the new, changed me. I continued to be puzzled as to why. Now I know that it is the beauty of my soul. Both reactions were puzzling and disturbing at times. Truly challenging. I finally know, however, the answer. It is a repeated issue in our society that continues to interfere with our progress and greatness. As we know there are many greats out there who manage to do everything right. A prime example of our times is Oprah. We all wished we had a life like her but are unaware of how much tear and blood work it must have been and still is for her to make it and/or manage it. Yet we righteously have our opinions and reasons as to why good things don’t nor can or should happen to us. Yet the fact is those who rise, take on a lot of pain and work onto themselves and are deserving of that lifestyle.Work starts with you. You can shine, always. All of us have given gifts. Use them!

Adversities are opportunities to evolve and rise!

Those who choose to remain negative, resent their past, recognize their inability to reach up to their likings will either repel someone like Oprah who rubs it in their face or even cause conflicts to justify themselves. There are other conditions that lead to negative reactions. All of them are driven from behavioral limitations or impairments. However, endure the pain of leaving a less than successful tribe behind in pursuit of happiness. As much as it is painful, do not be enticed to remain in your charted territory as discovering uncharted land is so worth it. Remember that we all have what we need to succeed. And if you continue to fail, then you are not doing something right. Those who assess and judge you correctly will evolve with you to move on while all those who should not play a role in your life will fall out. I used to continue to fail because of my own assessments and judgements; All is a believe system that’s impairing you and life. Adopt one that enhances your life.

I know how painful it is but I always felt like growth is in pain and thereof I never ever shied away from challenges. The sooner you are up for the challenge of change, the sooner you will come to live your life to it fullest potential. Now I actually seek them out to expedite my progress.The bonus point is that the deepening of your soul, beautifies you [‘Beauty starts within’] and your life. Everyone would want that. So next time you face adversity, get curious as how it can be solved rather than find reasons to justify your limiting choices. It is life changing. Remember life is complex. Yet it is your job to find all that beautifies it.

Love and Blessings ❤️


Ideas Ignite!

Ideas Ignite

Within these past few years I have gone thru many transitions and have become aware of this fact. It is true.

Ideas Ignite!

How do I know so? Well, I transitioned from being overweight and unattractive to being normal weight, attractive, and more appreciative of my surroundings as well as all my blessings. As result my community has become quite competitive and wants to outdo me and thereof each individual within my immediate community is having a reaction. That’s awesome!!! Initially I was puzzled and hurt. Now, however, I see a pattern and regardless as why people are compelled to be better, I greatly take joy in it and at times even amuse myself.  As I have painfully learned, it’s all in how one evaluates all that transpires. So I chose to change my perspective. Instead of viewing it as negative, I chose to view and feel it as positive. It’s liberating. Try it 📌

Having identified that fact, try to be less reactive to people’s small jealousies and insecurities and appreciate the positive you set in motion as being a role model to your community by loving and standing up for yourself. That idea will catch on and ignite eventually. Change can be so painful yet so worth it. Dare to do it.

As usual…

Love and Blessings ❤️


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