Optimism Heals

optimismYes, change starts within! I for one always appreciated everything in my life, saw people for their loving qualities, and always remember good memories that I loved and still love to build and capture, be it in writing, photography, collecting, cooking, and etc.! You get the picture. It means that my “happy go lucky” perspectives have continued to attract beauty into my life. Law of attraction is only activated if one flows within its rules. I also understood and still understand that life has its cycles of ups and downs. Handling all that transpires in life with grace maintains sanity. Remain cool, calm, and collected as reality is reality. Deal with it. Nor tolerate sour pusses or other unfitting people in life. No shame in that. Sometimes chemistries/energies complete each other and other times they repel. Only acceptance will set one free. Another quality that has served me is to live in now. It has not been easy. Yet practice does make the master. Living in now is the biggest blessing ever. We all are born into a tribe and a location that has been chosen for us by divine powers. Wasting time agonizing, fighting, or being dismayed about what is, is a waste of life time. So is worrying about an unforeseen future. Do the right thing now and it could be bright. However, remain realistic that certain outcomes depend on the collective efforts of all involved. Sure, the though of dying and not knowing what the future brings is scary and paralyzing as hell. Know, however, that your dismay is irrelevant as the law of nature could care less and you are wasting again your pressure time now, engaging in self sabotaging doings, agonizing about something irrelevant to now. If you abide by grace and remain faithful and patient, the law of attraction will naturally propel you in life. I have experienced these phenomenons myself and speak of truth. These transformations are undeniable  and they are due to practicing these laws. Let me summarize again:

*Live in now
*Appreciate all as it is [count blessings, build memories, remain kind, handle all with grace]
*Be faithful and believe in magic

Life is too short to be functioning in any other manner that disadvantages you. Start practicing these simple principles to enhance the experiences of your existence and those around you. That is true bliss and the more people practice that, the better our society will function as a whole. The chaos lately has been disturbing. I for one am one of many who is super angry and fed up with all. These dysfunctions are visible every where we go and in most people we interact with. It is staggering and saddening! People engage in inappropriate behaviors out of anger. These behaviors could include being pushy, too sexual, insecure, ugly, violent, on drugs or alcohol, or simply careless about their reputation and/or output at various events. Everyone is needy and has learned to focus on self agendas in life with no regards. Yes, we continue to think we are insignificant to make a difference and that’s why it is OK to behave inappropriately as no one cares. Yet, we don’t realize that we matter and only if we know that we do, will we make a change. Let us embark on this journey to transform ourselves to transform our world. It can be done!



Love and Blessings ❤️


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