Inspire to heal us and our world while remaining objective + independent

I always have been fascinated with figuring things out. Since my own life has been a challenge, to say the least, to my dismay all my focus has been shifted into how to survive and navigate adversities and aim to excel. Society has always prosecuted me for who I am. But because of my attitudes, I set my mind to figure things out any ways. I love life too much to allow sourpusses who suffer from insecurities and other human conditions to push me into a mold. I said to myself: damn it. I am going to live it as best as I can. My individual mission solved a problem that can help us all. Thereof I am eager to share. I truly now know it has been my calling in life to figure things out, organize to present in an attractive, simple ways so that we can collectively heal and progress. How else is bliss defined?

Bottom line, my mission is to be of support and solace mentally and emotionally to others as I lacked it in my life. As I am writing this, it has been years that no one has ever loved, supported, and validated me. I learned strategies on overcoming these hardships that kept me as a spectator for years. Don’t waste your lifetime! Use and learn from my experiences to expedite your journey to bliss.

Be part of a change and donate to allow a qualified person to organize/identify all our blessings so that we all can collectively achieve peace and progress.

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