A collection of images and sayings that have helped me to elevate my game in life. Practice inspiring yourself often or even better daily and see magic unfold in your life. It honestly works!

Tanned firm female body


I want my body to be like that. Firm, tanned, and flawless. It would be so much fun. Wishful thinking. It’ll never happen. But close to it would be nice 😋 I am working on it as much as possible under the current circumstances. Some day, hopefully, I will be a little bit closer. You never know!? “Where there is a will, there is a way.”, they say. Look at that butt 😍

My ideal short hair style



This is a perfect picture of my ideal short hair style. Unfortunately I am not as beautiful as she is. Nevertheless, I l💗ve that hair cut. So elegant, liberating, and sexy!



The following is a saying that I have to preach to myself often. Because I judge and dislike myself for all the flaws I was born with. Talk about seeing the glass half empty. It contradict with attitude of gratitude. Too, it doesn’t help that I am a perfectionist. Surely many can relate. However, this a reminder to all of us that we are beautiful as we are. Find other loving human beings who will validate that fact to you as often as possible.Body Image SayingShow goes on! So remain on your goal despite all that has gone and/or is still going wrong in your life. One day I did one of those stupid surveys on FB to see who I am based on answering a few questions. The test determined that I am a warrior. I agree. I have come a long way and I have ways to go. I kept it and Warriorconsider it a reminder of what’s important. The reminder that I am driven to achieve excellent life results and I don’t let negative external factors interfere with my personal happiness. This isn’t easy to do. But the more I tell myself, the better I will get at mastering this game of life. I will get there. Practice makes the master. Train your brain. You can do it!



Aging Gracefully


My motto in life is to age gracefully. This woman is a walking evident that it’s doable. You can always remain beautiful if you want to. Yoga is definitely a practice that beautifies your mind and soul and makes your body stronger and more flexible. These are qualities that lessen your stress factors, allow you to remain calm in face of adversity to make better decisions, boost your confidence, and definitely extend your life. The benefits don’t get better than that. Healthy body and mind do lots. How inspiring!


Ashamed to admit that I want these ladies sexiness. But I do. So I dare to say. Oh well 😋












This lady’s poise, confidence, and success is what I dream of. That too is achievable. But never fail to remind yourself of what’s important to you.Adele


QueenI am the queen of my life. And will enjoy it as long as I have the honor to live it. We are all the kings and queens of our lives. Never forget.

Yes, be as strong as a lion.saying

There are additional resources and inspirational sayings to share with you that have helped me to elevate my status in life. As time goes by, I will continue adding to this collection.

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