Ideas Ignite!

Ideas Ignite

Within these past few years I have gone thru many transitions and have become aware of this fact. It is true.

Ideas Ignite!

How do I know so? Well, I transitioned from being overweight and unattractive to being normal weight, attractive, and more appreciative of my surroundings as well as all my blessings. As result my community has become quite competitive and wants to outdo me and thereof each individual within my immediate community is having a reaction. That’s awesome!!! Initially I was puzzled and hurt. Now, however, I see a pattern and regardless as why people are compelled to be better, I greatly take joy in it and at times even amuse myself.  As I have painfully learned, it’s all in how one evaluates all that transpires. So I chose to change my perspective. Instead of viewing it as negative, I chose to view and feel it as positive. It’s liberating. Try it 📌

Having identified that fact, try to be less reactive to people’s small jealousies and insecurities and appreciate the positive you set in motion as being a role model to your community by loving and standing up for yourself. That idea will catch on and ignite eventually. Change can be so painful yet so worth it. Dare to do it.

As usual…

Love and Blessings ❤️


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