Girls Just Want to Have Fun

This piece is really officially my reflection on 2016 and my plans for 2017. The most important thing that I want to reflect on is that all the pain and suffering of 2016 has been worth it. As I finally know who I am and am going into 2017 with clarity and hopes. I finally realize that I am creative, spiritual, free spirited who will accept all as it is, be at ease, go with the flow, appreciate every day as a new opportunity, adjust plans as needed to make the best out of any situation, have faith that it is meant to be or not, laugh at everything, just play and have fun with life while it last. And I will do whatever it takes to reach for the life that I want. One step at a time. Yeah me!

  • Know and love yourself
  • Appreciate everything
  • Accept life as it is
  • Never fail to try to make it better; U have all the tools
  • Be flexible
  • Have faith
  • Play and have fun with life while it is gifted to you

Many 2016 happenings of my life have led to this awakening and realization. I am so grateful. So many of them were deeply painful. Read my previous posts for further details/inspiration. Key is to always remain grateful and positive.

Happy New Year!

May this year be a better year for our earth and us. Isn’t it fun to believe and have hopes? Don’t forget to do the work! Without putting in the efforts to live a happy, prosperous life, you realistically won’t.

Love and Blessings ❤️


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