Faith Revamped

faith by salome

What qualifies me to address such a complex subject that has billions of followers and life long scholars and dedicators, which must be said that all of these characters have not been able to bring peace, prosperity, and order to mankind, is that I love solving problems. Of course I have proven track that I am superior at doing that and the more I align with faith and divine as well as my life purpose, the better I even get at it. It is as if Divine has expedited my blessings to pickup details as it is fed up with our misguided existence!? The transition has been very painful and still is. Nevertheless, a huge blessing that I must accept. Now I know why me. Because ever since I was born it seems like my missions and goals for myself closely correlated to what Divine always wanted and still wants for all of us. So I know that I know that I have been appointed or chosen to solve this global issue. Having said that, I am freaking no body. All I have done for myself is to maximize my resources to achieve my goals. But now I know it was all orchestrated by a higher power as this fantastical journey that I have been on does not transpire in average person’s lifetime. And why the hell did I think I deserved that much blessings? Impossible! Here I was thinking of myself as a shrewd renegade who was willing to put herself through lots of agony and upset many people just to reach for her goals but the reality has been that I was planted here on earth with a purpose. Freakish! Specially for someone like me who was always condescending towards religion. This realization totally freaked me out, to say the least. I truly could go on and on about my experiences in  vivid details as I still shiver at such a profound realization. But the good thing about my character is that I quickly come to accept the truth. As once one knows a fact, one is to adopt and apply. Doing anything else is a waste of time and pointless. I had no other choice than to accept as all my research confirmed that higher power has indeed appointed me to bring a message to all of us. I could include lots of material from prominent characters from around our impressive globe that confirm my existence to be a reborn messiah. I even feel odd to make such a claim. But again, facts are facts. Just my name Salome translates to peace in Hebrew. The definition of messiah as compiled on Wikipedia allowed me to evaluate multiple perspectives of our greats in history and conclude that I truly take workable/logical bit and pieces from each one of their philosophies, but mostly agree with Ahmadiyya’s logic as I too do not believe that anyone of our greats were superior to the others nor were they son of gods. All of them have been here to complete each other and all of them wanted and still want the same things for us. To live in bliss. Regardless, the truth is that it would be irrelevant to know all the details of higher power in order for us to believe and give ourselves the permission to do well.


Let’s not make things complicated, rather simplify. Divine loves simplicity, efficiencies, nature, love, harmony, beauty, and peace. To align ourselves with what good intentions it has for us, we should do all possible to comply and embrace. Faith truly should encompass all our blessings in life including our science and scientifically advancements. Our job is truly to live in now, do the right thing, know that if we do the right thing, all will be well, and maximize our resources to paint a pleasant today and tomorrow for us and our future generations. That’s all! It truly can be done.

I know there are many feeble minded, injured individuals who need to know for sure of all the details before they can at all motivate themselves to do well. Evidence of higher power existence will never ever embody itself so that you can assess its existence as valid. The evidence are everywhere everyday every minute of our existence only if we would tune in. Everything is a blessing. It would be your loss to deny or dismiss the truth. Treat with respect and love and you will be loved. Just so you know, all our great messengers, include Jesus and Buddha, are reborn to help us heal the damages our downturn phase has left us with. Time to reclaim the order and clean up the mess. The rebuild is going to be awesome and we will do better in our next phase.

Love and Blessings ❤️


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