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Love Thyself ~ Salome

A profound realization came to me today which has been life changing for me and so can it be for you. To have developed and learned to master this life changing strategy took me years of depression and forces of nature. However, better now than never. So despite all the battles I had to endure and fight, I feel blessed for having discovered this strategy.

Long story short, due to years of feeling as an outsider, repelled, unsupported, unloved, and isolated, I have had no other choice than to learn to rely on myself. As a woman that is not easy as we are taught to be self-less, remain humble, and are biologically driven anyhow to take care of a village first before ourselves. Yet that is a huge mistake! I know it now from years of suffering and having observed others destroying themselves and their village. We must be whole first before we can effectively take care of a village. In my opinion it is the most important thing in life as it has a huge impact. Specially as a woman. Why? It’s a known fact that women are the foundation of our society. Granted, that fact is still being challenged, debated and argued at all times. However, we are stopping progress due to our own demons which are the brainwashed conditioning and needs to compete and being righteous about what’s right or wrong. Having established and recognized that fact, why do we not adopt what makes sense to progress in life instead of engaging in finding what’s right or wrong? In my case, I felt incomplete and depressed, and thereof never thought that I needed to focus my energies on myself. I was always on the search of the ideal situation that could possibly make me whole and since it didn’t automatically happen, I was convincing myself that this miserable existence is what reality is and that I must accept my life is depressing and dull. That’s a complete BS.

If you care to accomplish the best version of you, then love yourself as you would love your child. Be your best friend, guide yourself, nourish yourself, exercise, be curious, continue to grow, respect/honor yourself, have your best interest in mind, standup for yourself, and most importantly, develop the best friendship possible with yourself as no one knows you better than you. Self-love will awaken love and compassion and change your life forever.

Pouring your efforts into creating a better version of yourself is the best investment of you life time. It starts with self-love!

I intuitively have been attracted to mirrors. I used to be ashamed of looking into mirrors and feel weird for being different. To this date it is difficult to love and take care of myself guilt free because I have been conditioned to feel guilty about showing signs of narcissism. Yet the forces of nature have taught me in a rough way that all is within us, only if we would open our eyes and expand our perspectives.

A practice that starts a relationship with oneself is to learn to look and speak to oneself directly in the mirror or camera, hashing things out and/or advising oneself to do the right thing. Imagine two entities, a mind and a body. The best friendship you could ever form in between these two entities. If you master that, than you will be able to guide yourself to a better version of you. You can teach others, yet you can never control them. However, you can control and direct yourself. Change is forced when people see change unfold in you. If you do the right thing, those surrounding you will automatically be inspired too and eager to improve themselves as well. That’s powerful!

This practice among others have propelled me ahead. I am happy to report that I am the best version of myself thus far. However, as we know from business management science, there is always room for improvement. That is what makes life fun. Enjoy the journey, be patient with yourself as you strive to get where you need to go. You can do it.

Love and Blessings ❤️



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