I am seeking funds to take my blog into a biz that enriches the lives of my audiences’ who consist of a community that wants to learn strategies on how to live a happy life. There are many personal stories to elaborate on. Besides that they are truly entertaining, they are educating.

What makes me a good candidate/investment? I have been blessed with ability to enrich my community with much wisdom and spread love. These are foundations of human development and growth. How did these skills develop? I was born in 69 in Tehran, Iran to interesting mom that was social light and a political activist dad who was a well respected physician. My grandma made me who I am today. She was a pioneer woman of her time. Strong and kindhearted. I speak 3 languages. Have lived in 4 countries. Fled my original country. Have lived in various Iranian cities, in Dubai, Cologne, and now in Arizona. Integrated into cultures. Have experienced much.  Am always attracted to beauty and fun. Have conquered many life obstacles. My story has development interestingly and I strongly believe that I am destined to learn and obligated to share it with a community that wants to evolve as well. How did that happen? Magic! I actually was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis last year and my life magically turned around ever since. But I also started realizing how talented I am based on facts and how far I have come. I have done lots and built much. All the blessings that I have had and continue to have, started to shine. And I now finally enjoy and appreciate rather than seeing the glass empty. Depressed and unhappy. Just to list a few topics that have deep stories that demonstrate how I conquered life and how a community could too. And some of them show how beauty and magic always persisted in my life.

  • Loosing weight
  • Gastric By-pass Issues and Management
  • Enduring hardship and separation
  • Lack of self confidence and love
  • Failure
  • Depression
  • Path to U.S. Citizenship
  • Immigration Issues
  • Infertility treatment
  • Marriage and relationship issues
  • Patience and persistence
  • Integration
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Perspective changes
  • Happiness
  • Multiple Sclerosis Issues and Management

I continue to accumulate resources that have elevated my status. How did I change? Due to all the hardship experienced in life, I continued to gain weight. Because food has turned to be my form of self love and protection. Until one day I decided that I need to control myself before it’s too a late. A gastric by-pass in 2001 forced me to drop from 330 pounds to 220. At the time of my diagnosis last year I was 240. Totally beaten up. Emotionally and physically. I initially got scared, specially because the neurologist was trying to push medication on me. He scared me by telling me that I have to get on medication immediately or he will have to see me in E.R. some day soon because I will experience a flare and not be able to breath. To this day I am still scared of that experience. Initially I agreed to drugs and he submitted paperwork to insurance for approval. This company kept hunting me done, offering an assigned nurse to assist me. No wonder! I would have been a 100k annual customer. After researching, I decided to change my lifestyle. As a result I have dropped to 190 pounds as of today and am in the best shape of my life. Love biking, some yoga because of its stretching and posing possibilities, and dancing. All of these activities have improved my metabolism, balance, and flexibility. I have become stronger physically. But it’s a lot of work maintaining my condition with this health issues. So I dream of being able to give up this day job that weakens my vision and speech. Fatigues me to a degree that I have no time nor money to take care of myself as I need to, to maintain this condition. You see, there is lots to share that would make a great blog post. Additionally, not to be too arrogant, I have impeccable taste in composition and am a true entrepreneur ever since my childhood and now have the experiences as well as tons of accumulated resources. I also dream of publishing books if I find the time and the funds to do so. Please help me to realize such a path.

Hope you will find my cause and me worthy to donate to. If you do, please click on the PayPal button bellow to donate to my cause. Your kindness will be paid forward.