My journey has been rough yet a divine blessing in disguise that has forced me to develop my mental and physical capacities by identifying and utilizing my resources; All blessings available to all of us to reach independence, freedom, and liberty; Definition of prosperity and bliss.

Since I have been exposed to many possible life adversities and figured out how to survive and overcome them as well as developed the needed skills to aim for greatness, I qualify as a true life scholar who can be a guide to our mission to bliss and prosperity. These valuable strategies and painfully gathered wisdoms/insights truly will expedite our progress and prevent many future resentments and personal sufferings. Act while we are still ahead. Ignorance will keep us imprisoned in our mind and prevent ever reaching true bliss and prosperity. As we all know, failing to plan/prevent will result in ultimate failure.

Help me so that I can help us!

Heal Thyself | Heal the World is a book based on my true life journey; An inspiring memoir that will show you how you too can be the best version of who you truly are so that we may collectively heal.
Be part of a change and donate to allow a qualified person to organize/identify our blessings so that we ALL can collectively achieve peace and progress.

Love and Blessings ❤️