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Standard vs. Uniqueness


From experience I can testify that repelling uniqueness or differences is part of the Western culture and in general part of humanity. I was a foreigner in Germany for 10 years and now have lived in United States for 25+ years as a Persian. In Germany I would be assumed to be a Turk as Turkish people were allowed to migrate to that country as laborers after WWII to help rebuild the country and in the States, specially in Southwest, people assume I am Mexican or a Native Indian. Due to having experienced the [ugly] treatments most Westerner extend to these groups, I know that repelling anything that differs from expected standards is the norm within these societies. Simultaneously, I have been exposed to my own culture discriminatory behaviors as well. So naturally I have seen how we tend to repel anything that differs from our programmed belief system. However, it has been utmost harsh! As a privileged Persian who would have been brought up within my groups, I would have never experienced these kind of unjust behaviors existing within our societies/cultures. So I would have used/misused my powers to bully the lesser privileged groups.

We can beat our programmed belief systems. I lucked out by isolating and experiencing life differently so I can report to you that if we fail to control the natural course of our thinking pattern that is motivated by a false belief system [programmed], we will fail to ever see unity! Why? Isn’t that pretty obvious!? Our environments have changed drastically ever since the internet. We now are aware of much more than our brains are capable of handling. Globalization has caused many clashes among the various groups that we previously were unaware of. Because of our inability to process all that information, being mislead and slipping into the wrong path due to our faulty believe systems is easily doable by those who can play us. That is disastrous! Clashes of opinions are not be feared as only exchanging in a healthy manner will propel us as humanity ahead.

There are so many examples to cite to point out a few related issues presently playing mind games with all of us. An example, Opiate Addiction Epidemic is on the rise because the differences that are challenging our learned/programmed standards ARE above average. These discrepancies are leading to massive stress and depressions. Regretfully a society that is money motivated and has learned to remain focused on money, can easily be corrupted by its leaders that we rely on. So we go to our doctors who we believe are the experts [leaders] we can trust. Yet our doctors are motivated to make a living. Pharmaceutical companies send out account managers who are charming and enticing. They tell our doctors that the more they prescribe of their medications [recorded & reported by pharmacies], the more prestige and money they will receive. At times we run into good people who will never partake in such a corrupt system, yet can one trust blindly? He or she might be just selling you in such a cunning manner that you will never know. Or they too might have been convinced that their learned conventional education is the only way to address issues!? I have been there. In 2015, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The neurologist who I was told to see, scared me to death by insisting that I must start pharmaceutical treatments as soon as possible to prevent future relapses. He cheerfully expressed that he had my best interest in mind with his serious recommendations. Since I had worked for a pharmaceutical corporation and knew how the system works, despite initially loosing it, I went into research. Not even one week passed by till I was being bombarded with calls from a prominent pharmaceutical company specializing in MS patients. I talked to a very kind concierge nurse exclusive assigned to me to support me. I felt special and a sense of calmness, believing that she truly cared for me. But in my research I found out why she was motivated to do this. Not to say that she personally lacked compassion, the truth, however, remains that she was an employee of a pharmaceutical company who has been advised to execute her job professionally. Not to dismiss that people lack sincerity but maybe it was just a presented show to comply with her duties!? Come to find out, I would have been a 100k client annually to them. Of course they will assign a concierge nurse [customer service representative] who probably handles so many more 100k patients for her company.

The worse thing is that if I had opted to listen to my doc blindly, I would have been hooked on depression medications and who knows what else to manage the side affects of the MS drug. An official patient in the system to generate money. In general, any medical problem should not immediately be combated with medication, including depression However, standards compel us to rely on this false belief system that has been ingrained [programmed] into us.

To make a long story short, I even went back a year later, thinking that my good health and weight-loss achieved would convince my doc to adopt kinder and gentler ways of treatments that he could advocate to his other MS patients. He actually arrogantly repelled and dismissed me as I did not provide the relationship that he had accepted mentally. Either his doings were due to true arrogance, cause how dare me to challenge his gained years of expertise, or he was truly corrupted and only interested in working with people that supply to his motives without questioning his authority. Regardless of his reasons, I could care less as I am grateful I relied on my own wisdom handling the situation that had such a profound effect on my well-being. The point is always take into consideration your own well-being and do not allow anyone to mislead you, either knowingly nor unknowingly.

We must acknowledge that our inability to consolidate our differences to co-exist in this global world,  causes damages to ourselves and the society in large. Because we unknowingly [automatically] engage in combating/conflicting behaviors just to justify our world to our set standards. If you pay attention, you will notice that battling differences in this world is lately the standards that’s why shit is hitting the fan.  It happens between genders, left and rights, ethnics, religious groups, country, and on and one and on. Gosh people defend their opinions, belief systems, teams, groups, and everything will all their powers with zero regards to a greater good. These behaviors are automated in compliance with our natural tendencies to behave like animals rather than cultured and controlled. That’s why we as humans have been chosen to be the top of the animal kingdom. Engaging in any uncontrolled behaviors will destroy our resources including us self. In order to store harmony and recreate unity in all realms of life, small and large, we must learn to embrace differences. How to do that when there is so much complexity confusing messages, injustice, and the never ending problems among all the different groups and in the world? It can be difficult at times to navigate through all that is transpiring around us and it’s easy to crawl back into our known belief systems [standards] to hide and numb ourselves. But don’t give up as there is a methodical way out. Yes, it is lots of work. But so worth the peace the harmony of your mind lends. How have I reached such a state of mind? Despite wanting to give up trying, I continued to remain objective in life, always sought the truth despite its ugliness at times, stayed focused on what has been enhancing my life, and acted out of kindness with the knowledge I was exposed to and the powers I was given. Many times my persona has been misjudged due to handling things myself as well as issues differently, against the set standards. However, I have continued to successfully exist in such a manner and can confidently tell you that it is the only way of moving forward in this environment. May the fittest survive is one of our universal laws that we must abide by to prevail. Norms and standards as expected are being challenged in today’s world. Only learning to embrace our differences and remain aware of the truth to control issues is our solution to heal as a global society. Together we can heal and better manage our resources to unit. It starts within and must entail adopting co-existence strategies. Learning to embrace our differences [be it internal or external] is the only way to overcome chaos/disaster to restore peace, harmony and unity. Do it!

Love and Blessings ❤️


Guidance of Universe

One of many beautiful faces of our mighty Universe!

It is from personal experiences that I now know and feel it daily that universe is actively guiding us. Finally I get and feel the spirituality wisdom we all read about, yet dismiss its validity due to our formed believes. It’s however up to us to learn how to read these signs properly to find and decode them correctly. These signs are within all realms of existence. Paying attention to details and being analytical has helped me to finally discover them. The trick to tap into them is however to silence the internal voices formed based on assumptions, conditionings, and regretfully influenced by surrounding external feedback. These voices can be misleading as they cause us to prematurely judge and form our own perceptions without validation. Thought patterns will propel us to engage in aligning actions; Actions that could financially, physically and/or emotionally be costly. I have committed that mistake so many times in my life and have dearly paid for my mistakes. Yet super grateful that they just remained painful yet repairable. The good thing is that I as a result have learned my lessons that I must adjust and readjust my strategies always if I want to make it sanely through this game of life. Grateful I survived each battle as they made me who I am today.

Universe is actively guiding and supporting us.


The point is: No matter where you are at and how bad you assess things to be, as long as you are not dead, universe will always allow you to fall back on it if you chose to do so. However, sometimes the fight is harder and longer than you believe is fair. That means, however, you have failed to learn your lessons all along your life and thereof it will be longer to readjust your path. However, acceptance and counting your blessings is a great start to readjusting your strategies. The sooner you get it, the less painful your life journey will be.

I know I cannot convince all skeptics that I am speaking the truth. However, I feel obligated to say and write it as it is our choice to be authentic or not. I for one am choosing to take advantage of all our given gifts to manage my life. Lately many people claim to have become spiritual. Yet the truth is that they are not walking their talks. Not believing that the consequence of discrepancy between “talks” and ” walks” is damaging. Some believe in karma. But it is not karma. It’s your earlier doings, sayings, and thoughts causing issues. That includes also negatively painting/judging someone or something. These thoughts, saying, and doings translate into energies and vibrate into universe and bounce sooner or later back. The science of universe is a fact. Majority of us cannot wrap our heads around such game changing fact. And those who know about them, elected to remain silence to prevent conflicts. Our scientists too confirm the existence of universe’s mystery, yet do not know how it plays a role in the bigger picture. But that should not keep you as an unbeliever as it doesn’t serve you. As we know, we do not embrace the truth without hard proofs. However, what puzzles me is that we humans know from history that we unknowingly engage in wrong doings by miss assessing and repelling facts until they become obvious. Having observed that should alert us to be a little bit more vigilant! Haven’t we advanced enough to have developed such awareness?  Why not change the pattern instead of immediately jumping the gun to form our own assumptions and remain righteous too and defend our believes or even fight for them, ignoring the facts?  I DO NOT GET IT. However, to each their own. It is not my job to piece myself so that surrounding skeptics and critics understand. Yet it is upsetting to observe people in power with the ability to enrich, yet acting, behaving, and saying wrong and as a result harming themselves, their community, and a bigger village. All due to their own non-serving believe systems and behaviors. Since change starts within, as soon as you change your ways, you will no longer tolerate people who advocate and fight for OLD ways of existence and your change will force your community to change as well. It will catch on. Time has moved on and so must we. Regardless of when you buy into it or not, just know that you are the one who has to live with consequences of your believes and their doings.

May we all be somewhere someday soon that allows us to remain balanced, less agitated, always grateful for all our blessings, and peaceful and content.

Love and Blessings ❤️



Awareness is key to universal powers.

The importance of being vigilant at all times cannot be preached enough. We ought it to ourselves to remain vigilant. If everything sucks about today, learn one thing. Remain aware of all your surrounding energies, motives, and intentions.

Awareness is power!

Why do you need to develop that sense? To protect yourself from ill intentions and harms. Or on a small scale to prevent becoming a victim to situations you prefer not to be in yet agree to because of the greater good. And sometime you abide cause they do make better decisions. However, if it’s too much of derailing from your true self, then it can be damaging. I have personal experiences. I have seen two visually attractive people very capable of fooling themselves as well as their community and ruling my life to my dismay. In any given moment they would misrepresent themselves just to win attention and kindness. Their goal is usually popularity, power, or profit. Intentionally or unintentionally they derailed me. I feel guilty even saying that 😁  But one has to acknowledge the truth first before addressing or solving anything. For the sake of growth, I am not embarrassed anymore for speaking out. Bottom line is if you allow characters like such in your life to rule and control, then you are in it for a ride. One day you may wake up and think to yourself: “what the hell?” A pretty obvious one is how the current president has been able to fool Americans to support his ill intentions. Prior to believing anyone anything, check facts. Please do not be fooled nor pursued to buy/believe anything. I am ashamed that I have been fooled my entire life and will no longer be part of it and I hope you too develop awareness and not just be pursued because you are a kind person.

Love and Blessings ❤️