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Gods are Reborn

What a blessing! To know that Universe has your back and that sticking to moral values in life does pay back. YOU get to be a part of this age. I am thrilled that I am. In my heart I always felt blessed for living in this age with so much resources.

It is ironic that an ex-atheist like me now believes in the stories that so many people believed in and still do (or falsely believe they do). Yet the Divine downloads that I have been receiving lately, tell me that these great men did indeed walk the earth and preached. We, however, changed the stories around to work them for our own hidden agendas and those in power abused it! And many other greats [I call them earth angels] who walked the earth, we prosecuted/punished/derailed them. Broke their hearts and abused them. Gods are mad!

I now know why we suffer! Because all the powers lay indeed within. We can do good or bad. We managed to balance between good and bad. But the bad is now on tipping point. If you want to experience heaven, know that it needs to be created on Earth to be passed on to following generations with kindness. Learn how to. It made an example out of me and so many others to proof to us, who care to learn from examples, that we have all we need to succeed as so many, including me, could and did. It’s not freaking easy, yet it is doable and the reality. It’s up to us to make it or fuck it up!

Divine Powers tell me that the blessing first were presented in form of religions to guide us and later in many other blessings. But we continued to ignore and believe arrogantly that these great science/advancement innovations and other blessings were/are man made. The truth is far from that. All our blessings, including science and anything in between, are Divine blessings. Not our own doings! We are just chose vehicles in various roles, executing. Ideas, innovations, creativity, science, art, advancements, discoveries, all of it. Every single detail is planned. I learned that fact based on my close observation of all realms. To feel the proof of Divine Powers, just learn to see the signs of its existence in yourself, your surroundings, our planet, other, blah blah blah and live in love.

Fact is that most men too abused their given powers, regretfully due to their biology that is  animalistic and tougher to control, so work will need to now continue by women as they are better equipped to lead. Just as we grow, so does GAIA. It’s LOGIC! So powers are shifting.

Our jobs are to appreciate our blessing as they are given to us, refrain from corruption and deceit at all cost, and do good with our powers and resources to flourish ourselves and our immediate communities. Specially as a man you must learn to control your ego and focus on kindly to be the provider/protector of your community as you were equipped to be. Only a peaceful collaboration among the genders or any other differences will ensure success. Any hateful intentions, sayings, doings, and such are indeed karma that will rotten one’s blessings. Those who fall into the wrong belief system to decline Divine Powers existence, are sinning and will pay their dues in life. In today’s world they are called mental disorders that lower the quality of life’s. Well documented on the rise as sinning is high. Those who have the ability to abuse their powers, may try to entertain and kill time for themselves. However, their inner truth and mind will never leave them experiencing bliss in life. Thereof sufferings are unavoidable! All sufferings are messages to wake us up. As we continue to miss them, the sufferings get tougher.

Since United States has shown signs of having abused it’s given leadership powers, Gods have been angry and continue to punish its wrongdoings strongly with various hardships. Largely it’s because its people have lost faith and engage in narcissistic, corrupted behaviors. Specially this countries leaders.They have become gullible and ignorant. It was Divine Powers that caused the Roman Empire to fall apart. To prevent history from repeating itself, United States will need to rise once again to lead the world into prosperity and peace. I personally have no longer any worries as I see clearly the signs of the upcoming changes all over this country’s landscape. That too has been planned by the Divine Powers. There will not be another fall like Roman Empire as United States has been chosen to lead the way once again. Changes have been initiated and are just a matter of time.

May you too believe soon again as it is beautiful and comforting.

Love and Blessings ❤️

Shift of Powers

These past few years have been rough for all of us, to say the least. It’s getting even rougher as resistance to the inevitable upcoming changes will affect all of us and is exhausting at times. However, it is understandable as change was never taken well by general public. I have worked years in Human Resources and know that change is fought and resisted passionately in general. Sad actually, as there are very well reasons why there is a hierarchy [identified powers] in place in business as well as all our teams in life. If people would or could accept their role in that team environment and cooperate, then the system would function smoothly. Regretfully it isn’t that simple. Specially in today’s world. People have gotten false beliefs and continue to challenge that team dynamic in general. That itself is the most damaging flaw that we as a nation must overcome if we are to see any success in our existence as humanity.

To elaborate even more on how these flaws are infesting within our communities, groups, government, and anything else, just see the upsetting oppositions between groups that are causing division. I personally spent much time behind my laptop, researching and reading. In doing that, I have noticed the comments from resisting groups who are very angry about these changes. Yes, these changes are narrowing gaps for indecencies and inappropriate behaviors for perpetrators. But they have to understand that we live in a democracy and liberal world. Powers are set based on logic. Not based on falsely presented facts to benefit bullying groups. Animal behaviors exerted by those who have had powers is simply unjust and uncalled for in today’s world. We cannot consciously give ourselves the okay to judge and challenge anything that is against one’s values. The greater good is more important.

A black and white example is our gun laws. Yes, in America guns have been assessed as our rights. However, with all the violence we are experiencing today, it must be reformed to accommodate/overcome today’s challenge . Yet, there are so many groups that cannot agree on that and will passionately fight and argue and if needed maliciously use/abuse their powers to get their points across to ensure this amendment remains as it was assessed as our rights! Really?  These groups are insisting that we maintain this law as it is and advocates even more guns among us so that we can protect ourselves. The other day the News was showing teacher receiving military training and schools are to be armed now. Great! What is the mission? To get our people even more violent and agitated? Are we to be on guard now according to those people, believing that an armed world is a place to exist? So wrong. I would have to live in such a volatile world, always on guard. OMG! We have to kindly understand that we must reform our systems to make it work for us and not adopt more and more of combative behaviors.

Another huge one is the shift of powers between men and women. Our men despite  logically expressing their compassion, wanting to cooperate, to make the world a better place for all genders, are acting upset in all walks of life. This too goes back to humanity automatically resisting/opposing change. Just look at our history! Great innovations were battled and denied and people who introduced them were initially prosecuted just to stand our ground in our wrong belief systems.

Sure, men have gotten away all these years with being adored and being given powers to run like a bull into the china shop, not really thinking that these damaging behaviors have a ripple effect throughout their immediate communities and society in large. Despite the light that has been shined on these ugly  behaviors through recent uproars, we are, however, collectively at fault. Because we allowed these behaviors for years to manifest and now it is a second nature to them. Logic wants them to cooperate, but learned belief systems will motivate them to fight changes with all their powers. As a Life Coach, I know reform/change of deeply embedded conditioning is a lot of work. Yet only hard work can and will lead to success.

Embracing change, that includes the shift of powers, is the only way to ensure our continuance. My biggest wish/dream is that we all one day soon are able to grow/evolve on that fact. I did and can testify that it is liberating to embrace change. The wisdom of Taoism, a Chinese religion, tells us that we must learn to be flexible in life in order to flow with the needs of our times. Remember change is inevitable!

Love and Blessings ❤️

Age of Spirituality

The 90th Oscars last night confirmed we are indeed in the age of spirituality, if we like it or not. I believe!

Finally, times resonate. As per Wheel of Fortune in Tarot cards, seasons do change, light does follow darkness. I personally have been the minority and an odd ball in this world [assessed as lesbian, crazy, angry, agitated and everything else in between]. It is a blessing that what we women have fought for all our life is showing signs of fruition. There are so many greats that have indeed paved the ways for us. It’s our time to do good!

Embracing differences + Opening up dialogue are the first needed steps on our lengthy journey ahead.

But to again glorify how Oscars send many social messages, it was too good to hear that set norms [status quo or standards] are no longer necessarily a fit in today’s world. I knew it! People finally dare to stand up to injustice to say enough is enough as I have been all my life. Colored people, women, and other definition of minorities get pushed around and bullied to be forced into things [to sum all ugliness] or a lifestyle one doesn’t want. Terrible! I was blessed to remain protected from all the crap that has gone around.

Many as I must be happy times are changing. Some might not as change poops on some people’s parade. Yet it is promise that only change promises our continuity. All resistance will lead to your own destruction. I have been on that route in my life and speak of years of sufferings. Yes, lots of work ahead of us. But the healing and unity will be so worth it. To start the collective healing to achieve unity, we must learn to embrace all our differences and be okay with addressing what must be addressed! Failure to plan is planing to fail. Obviously.

Here is my latest episode on my YouTube channel. My 2cents 😁

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Love and Blessings ❤️

Standard vs. Uniqueness


From experience I can testify that repelling uniqueness or differences is part of the Western culture and in general part of humanity. I was a foreigner in Germany for 10 years and now have lived in United States for 25+ years as a Persian. In Germany I would be assumed to be a Turk as Turkish people were allowed to migrate to that country as laborers after WWII to help rebuild the country and in the States, specially in Southwest, people assume I am Mexican or a Native Indian. Due to having experienced the [ugly] treatments most Westerner extend to these groups, I know that repelling anything that differs from expected standards is the norm within these societies. Simultaneously, I have been exposed to my own culture discriminatory behaviors as well. So naturally I have seen how we tend to repel anything that differs from our programmed belief system. However, it has been utmost harsh! As a privileged Persian who would have been brought up within my groups, I would have never experienced these kind of unjust behaviors existing within our societies/cultures. So I would have used/misused my powers to bully the lesser privileged groups.

We can beat our programmed belief systems. I lucked out by isolating and experiencing life differently so I can report to you that if we fail to control the natural course of our thinking pattern that is motivated by a false belief system [programmed], we will fail to ever see unity! Why? Isn’t that pretty obvious!? Our environments have changed drastically ever since the internet. We now are aware of much more than our brains are capable of handling. Globalization has caused many clashes among the various groups that we previously were unaware of. Because of our inability to process all that information, being mislead and slipping into the wrong path due to our faulty believe systems is easily doable by those who can play us. That is disastrous! Clashes of opinions are not be feared as only exchanging in a healthy manner will propel us as humanity ahead.

There are so many examples to cite to point out a few related issues presently playing mind games with all of us. An example, Opiate Addiction Epidemic is on the rise because the differences that are challenging our learned/programmed standards ARE above average. These discrepancies are leading to massive stress and depressions. Regretfully a society that is money motivated and has learned to remain focused on money, can easily be corrupted by its leaders that we rely on. So we go to our doctors who we believe are the experts [leaders] we can trust. Yet our doctors are motivated to make a living. Pharmaceutical companies send out account managers who are charming and enticing. They tell our doctors that the more they prescribe of their medications [recorded & reported by pharmacies], the more prestige and money they will receive. At times we run into good people who will never partake in such a corrupt system, yet can one trust blindly? He or she might be just selling you in such a cunning manner that you will never know. Or they too might have been convinced that their learned conventional education is the only way to address issues!? I have been there. In 2015, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The neurologist who I was told to see, scared me to death by insisting that I must start pharmaceutical treatments as soon as possible to prevent future relapses. He cheerfully expressed that he had my best interest in mind with his serious recommendations. Since I had worked for a pharmaceutical corporation and knew how the system works, despite initially loosing it, I went into research. Not even one week passed by till I was being bombarded with calls from a prominent pharmaceutical company specializing in MS patients. I talked to a very kind concierge nurse exclusive assigned to me to support me. I felt special and a sense of calmness, believing that she truly cared for me. But in my research I found out why she was motivated to do this. Not to say that she personally lacked compassion, the truth, however, remains that she was an employee of a pharmaceutical company who has been advised to execute her job professionally. Not to dismiss that people lack sincerity but maybe it was just a presented show to comply with her duties!? Come to find out, I would have been a 100k client annually to them. Of course they will assign a concierge nurse [customer service representative] who probably handles so many more 100k patients for her company.

The worse thing is that if I had opted to listen to my doc blindly, I would have been hooked on depression medications and who knows what else to manage the side affects of the MS drug. An official patient in the system to generate money. In general, any medical problem should not immediately be combated with medication, including depression However, standards compel us to rely on this false belief system that has been ingrained [programmed] into us.

To make a long story short, I even went back a year later, thinking that my good health and weight-loss achieved would convince my doc to adopt kinder and gentler ways of treatments that he could advocate to his other MS patients. He actually arrogantly repelled and dismissed me as I did not provide the relationship that he had accepted mentally. Either his doings were due to true arrogance, cause how dare me to challenge his gained years of expertise, or he was truly corrupted and only interested in working with people that supply to his motives without questioning his authority. Regardless of his reasons, I could care less as I am grateful I relied on my own wisdom handling the situation that had such a profound effect on my well-being. The point is always take into consideration your own well-being and do not allow anyone to mislead you, either knowingly nor unknowingly.

We must acknowledge that our inability to consolidate our differences to co-exist in this global world,  causes damages to ourselves and the society in large. Because we unknowingly [automatically] engage in combating/conflicting behaviors just to justify our world to our set standards. If you pay attention, you will notice that battling differences in this world is lately the standards that’s why shit is hitting the fan.  It happens between genders, left and rights, ethnics, religious groups, country, and on and one and on. Gosh people defend their opinions, belief systems, teams, groups, and everything will all their powers with zero regards to a greater good. These behaviors are automated in compliance with our natural tendencies to behave like animals rather than cultured and controlled. That’s why we as humans have been chosen to be the top of the animal kingdom. Engaging in any uncontrolled behaviors will destroy our resources including us self. In order to store harmony and recreate unity in all realms of life, small and large, we must learn to embrace differences. How to do that when there is so much complexity confusing messages, injustice, and the never ending problems among all the different groups and in the world? It can be difficult at times to navigate through all that is transpiring around us and it’s easy to crawl back into our known belief systems [standards] to hide and numb ourselves. But don’t give up as there is a methodical way out. Yes, it is lots of work. But so worth the peace the harmony of your mind lends. How have I reached such a state of mind? Despite wanting to give up trying, I continued to remain objective in life, always sought the truth despite its ugliness at times, stayed focused on what has been enhancing my life, and acted out of kindness with the knowledge I was exposed to and the powers I was given. Many times my persona has been misjudged due to handling things myself as well as issues differently, against the set standards. However, I have continued to successfully exist in such a manner and can confidently tell you that it is the only way of moving forward in this environment. May the fittest survive is one of our universal laws that we must abide by to prevail. Norms and standards as expected are being challenged in today’s world. Only learning to embrace our differences and remain aware of the truth to control issues is our solution to heal as a global society. Together we can heal and better manage our resources to unit. It starts within and must entail adopting co-existence strategies. Learning to embrace our differences [be it internal or external] is the only way to overcome chaos/disaster to restore peace, harmony and unity. Do it!

Love and Blessings ❤️


Winning Strategies

In this piece I wanted to share some of the short cuts [winning strategies] that I have learned and organized over my lifetime that help one to maximize, optimize, and utilize resources. I truly believe that I am just a divine vehicle as all of us are, just channeling a greater purpose. Yes, I now know that there is a higher power. And it wants us all to do well and live in prosperity. Only if we could manage to stay true to ourselves, will we be able to experience bliss. That is a lot of work. However, don’t despair if your factors are not as you wished them to be, I know that you can always start from NOW. A great strategy that has lead to many success stories of our times. Know that we all have the power in today’s world to tap into all our resources to make it great! Our perspectives, doings, sayings, and reactions can damage or enrich. So apply these strategies if you care to steer this mess we are presently experiencing toward a brighter destiny. Having said that, below are the strategies I was referring to:

  • Love Thyself First

Healing yourself is the best investment ever. Do it guilt free. We women have even a higher responsibility because we are the center of it all as we control our village. Enriching yourself will enrich your village. I used to always be ashamed for doing something for myself. However, now I am glad I did. Surely you can relate. Learning to adopt self loving practices is complex but so worth it.

  • Refrain from Judgment

Assuming based on one’s conditionings and upbringing is misleading and keeps one framed in a box. Judgement leads to fear and fear will prevent progress. I am not kidding. There are hundred of examples I could cite.

  • Embrace Change and Adversity

Don’t resist change. It is inevitable as we all know this fact. It truly deepens our soul and beautifies. The sooner you stop moaning about how bad you got it, the sooner you can solve a problem. Never ever fear addressing and seeking to solve a problem! If you fail to address and solve, sooner or later that problem will become your miserable reality. What do I mean? An example is today’s agonizing political environment. The country is divided. However, we have no other choice than to accept it as done. Yet, we are all obligated to pick our lessons and effectively prevent such a mess from repeating itself in history. I, as many as you, felt truly hijacked and mislead. That initially lead to frustrations and anger. All damaging behaviors. But I decided that I will no longer allow external factors to run me. My mission became learning how to embrace the presented adversity. I recognized that we all needed to learn. What are the lessons?  Important lessons are that we are not to blindly believe, develop awareness, and remain vigilant. There are so many additional personal stories that validate our need to embrace change and view adversities as learning and growth opportunities. To see how this strategy has helped me to propel, read Adversity Deepens and Beautifies article.

  • Appreciate the Beauty

Gratitude is truly a winning attitude in life. Ever since I started appreciating my gifts and blessings, did I develop confidence. Do it and you too will see good things unfold for you. We all know it but are we walking the talk? I think not. I could elaborate on that topic forever and ever. However, I will cite a few examples to show you how we all unknowingly contribute to damaging ourselves and our environment. All that because we fail to follow the Universal rules. Sorry for bashing some but for the sake of educating, I do not hesitate. As many of you know I have been striving to break the mold to establish myself as an independent writer, wanting to educate and entertain as I firmly believe knowledge is power and that I am a great storyteller, self thought through real life experiences and accomplishments. My tribe, however, never ever empowered nor supported me. In fact I continued to experience the opposite. Lots of passive aggressive behaviors to imply that I suck and should give up trying. Perhaps I misinterpreted and internalized their dis-empowering, discouraging, and unsupportive conducts!? I allowed people and their reactions to dictate my mood. So naturally my progress in life has been drastically procrastinated. We outlaw people that don’t fit our molds and standards. Sometimes I wonder if it is our jealousy that prevents us from making our resources available to others!? Or maybe misjudgments and assumptions of someone’s character and values!? Fact is that majority of people will go out of their way to prevent one’s success! There are tons of examples that I have personally experienced throughout my life. Here is one: I met a successful coach/author to ask her if she could kindly extend her resources so that I can establish myself. I truly thought she is a kind person who is truly interested in enriching her community, specially since I had observed her progress for 10+ years. However, to my dismay, I learned quickly that I was naive. The truth is that she had displayed throughout multiple interactions that I am not welcomed in her circles. The dumb ass me, however, continued to remain naive and firmly believed that only if I would show my sincerity, that I have all intentions to pay her back for her kindness, she will change her awkward resistance and help me. Was I wrong! In an attempt to intimidate and halt my progress, she brought her husband with as she assumed that I am shy and would not express myself. Additionally she continued to try to convince me that I was wrong with my entrepreneurial endeavors. Initially I didn’t think much of it as I thought she just lacked innovation. In hindsight, however, I know that she did what she did due to a few human conditionings that we all suffer from. We all feel stronger in a group and thereof misjudge our powers. Just in this example there are at least 4 mankind flaws we all suffer from. Misjudgment, jealousy, competition, and missed opportunities to collaborate spread to expand. Initially I was saddened, disappointed, and discouraged. However, the truth is she still is an awesome mother, wife, author, coach; Positively inspires and a teaches. So I decided that it is okay for some folks to repel you if they assess you as not within their tribe.  Regardless of how hurt and discouraged you may feel, always appreciate the beautify within everything. She truly has been inspiring to my journey. Thereof I will always appreciate that.

  • Forgive

Always act from now and forgive yourself and all external factors. It will excel your prosperity and more importantly prevent irrevocable damages. We all have witnessed miscommunications and provocations that have ended up in uncalled actions. Forgive because all that has hurt you or is still hurting you motivates you to take actions, builds character, and deepened your wisdom. And anybody who does  not want to embrace you, should not be a big deal. They just are not on your team. Forgive and move on. As all happens as it should. Harboring ill feelings will only harm you. Know that people are good at the bottom of their heart and do only because they do not know better. A popular wisdom that I gladly adopted and believe in. Side note: I do not advocate for organized religion. However, all gospels, doctrines, religions, and spiritual practices carry deep wisdom that we must combine, adopt, and practice in our daily actions and saying to achieve greatness. Just believing in one entity will limit your resource. No intentions to insult. Just citing a fact that I hope will inspire you to adjust your perspectives and evolve so that you may manage all better to steer your destiny.

  • Do Good, Always

Spreading love will bring prosperity. Care for how your actions/reactions affect your destiny; Our destiny. Don’t forget the ripple effect of physic. All is about damaging or enriching energies. There are tons of examples for this one. I do want to cite some samples to bring awareness to all of us about how we all are guilty. Jealousy and competition are huge flaws that are damaging us. Subconsciously practicing these flaws not only infests and conditions our psyche, it is royally damaging. The other day I was watching the news. A couple was being interviewed. Between those two, he was more attractive and well spoken. You could see how she suddenly had become insecure because her man was badly trying to impress the attractive anchor lady. Of course it is understandable. I have been so many times myself in that situation. Due to my obesity, I lacked confidence and thereof insecure in presence of my attractive husband. So whenever I felt insecure I would make a stink, get into verbal fights and arguments, and agonize myself because my husband dared to eye a more attractive woman. How dare him. Evaluating my reactions and actions in hindsight, I know my manipulative conducts were quite damaging. But I forgive myself as I was executing subconsciously due to my conditinings. The true story was that most men will always think with their dick and if they have not learned to control their actions and reactions, will visually react to a more attractive person. It truly is no reason for jealousy nor insecurity as love is voluntarily, not forced. A good man will look and react but will always come back to his anchor. Remain secure and control the situation. If his autopilot actions are hurtful to you, just express yourself. If he doesn’t honor it, then you know sooner than later. From personal experiences I can tell you that the more you adopt that philosophy, that love is voluntarily and unforced, the liberated you will feel. Thereof do not engage in any manipulative behaviors to justify your own insecurities and/or jealousy. Another super damaging behavior is that we women are still backstabbing each other to compete with one another for attention. How stupid. Don’t we realize that we are unknowingly conditioning ourselves. Not only are we still sending sexiest messages to our fellow sisters, we are also teaching the upcoming generation by being a role model. If we strive to be treated equally, we must learn to manage these bad behaviors.

  • Maximize your Resource

This is huge. A huge reliable resource is you. Invest in yourself and I promise you will be ahead. Train your brain. Don’t be afraid to standup for yourself no matter how much resistance you face. Only authenticity will set you free. Whatever truly bothers your core, distance yourself as it is OK. I left my family behind. To this date that actions is at times being challenged and questioned by people as they believe one should remain loyal to a born in tribe and if one breaks free, one should feel guilty. And I did for years. Feeling guilty and lonely. However, deep down I always knew I was doing the right thing in contrary to how people assessed my actions as shrewd.  Another practice to optimize your resources is to find your tribe and learn to collaborate. That means people you are at ease with to have a dialogue with as only together can we grow.

  • Grow and Evolve

Growing and evolving is the only way you can keep ahead in this times. Change is happening rapidly. If you don’t rise up and evolve, you will suffer.  Knowledge is power. So never fail to grow, evolve, and naturally sacrifice to achieve improvements. This includes your sincere ability to admit to mistakes and make a conscious effort to rectify. If you attempt to hide your flaws, you will commit to other lies to cover and/or justify. However, with that you will continue to lie to yourself which is another damaging flaw due to its ripple effect.

  • Focus

The more divided you are on your perspectives, goals, and missions, the harder it will be for you to genuinely tune into your true potential. It is your job to properly listen to signs and identify your purpose. If you do not move in alignment within your path and purpose, you will dearly pay. I know it as I have committed that mistake so many times in my life. I don’t regret as each one of the experiences has had teachable moments and has made me into who I am. In my case in served a purpose as I love being a life scholar that breaks down facts and shares them in writing. However, I noticed we all wander off because of our fearful self-talks that divert and mislead us. If you want to be more efficient and reach your destiny faster, eliminate possibilities quickly to make choices and stick to them. It expedites your progress.

  •  Accept Status

This is a huge one. Comparision truly will weaken your abilities to advance from where you are. Due to this very damaging conditioning, we are halting our progress as individuals and collectively. I know it as people have always had a reaction to me due to being a little bit more advanced. Within these past few years, I dared to utilize all my available resources to transform myself. Ever since, it has gotten even more tense for me. The withdrawal of friendships, support, love, and kindness has been very cruel and hurtful. I, however, wanted to succed even more since I am rebelious by nature. Glad Universe gifted me with that attitude as it served me in contrary to how my surrounding unknowingly was trying to force me into believing that being rebelious is stupid. Look at comparission from a different angle. Maturity and mankind advancement vary. We accept that among children. As we all know girls advance much faster. Yet we are unable to accept that in adults as it has caused gender discrepancies due to repellant attitudes of men towards women due to comparison and jealousies. The genders are battling it out and so are there are massive competition among us women as well men. All ridiculous animalistic behaviors. As we all have been brainwashed to believe that comparison is okay as it motivates. Wrong. Do do not get upset nor intimated if you run into a more advanced human being who has firgured how to utilize his/her gifts. Make it your mission to learn, rather than repel or jump to assumptions to justify your behaviors. Develop individual awareness of how your abilities are to accept and pace at ease without insecurities so that you may continue to maximize your potential. It is all about healing yourself to collectively propel.

  • Stop Projecting

Projecting your believe system onto people or circumstances is truly hurtful. I have seen and experienced this so many times. People assume that I am a lesbian because I do not engage in flirtious behaviors with men or am too town-boyish!? And I have been labled as unfriendly or standoffish because I am an introvert who has learned through a painful life trajectory not to blindly trust as I know that there is always a hidden agenda that drives us. You go to doctor’s office, believing that there is a compassionate expert who wants you to do well and yet he/she is only motivated to profit and expects to be respected/adored for just being a doctor. Terrible! There are tons of  other examples of how projecting our own believe system onto others is misleading you and pushing others into a defensive/combative mechanism. It creates anger and resentments in us and our communities. I truly thought to myself that I should maybe be a lesbian since everyone was insinuating that I fit the bill. But I am not. I don’t care anymore for being as I am. One does NOT need to be forced into any mold for being different. Having adopted this strategy too helps me as well. I no longer assume anything about anyone unless they show their true face. And that’s okay too. If someone is not your tribe or has a hidden agenda, don’t behave hostile. Move on. Live and let live.

  • Trust and Faith

It has been difficult for me to trust and have faith. However, it is a winning tool to adopt. It also is true. If you develop a pure heart, learn your lessons properly, and do your best to do the right thing in life, Universe will always be there for you. That’s the Law of Attraction that’s known and practiced by many. How do I know it? Well, I always have been seeking to identify all my resources to excel, as we all do. Yes, I am blessed for the gift of curiousity that propelled me to discover this major resource. There are tons of example of how one can tap into them. All I did is to closely learn how it’s done. It isn’t that simple to master. However, whatever you continue to practice, you will eventually master. Another added benefit of having faith and trusting that all will be as it should be is so comforting that you no longer will blame nor judge yourself for mistakes. Just remain calm and trust that you are whole as you are.

  • Believe

Higher power and Universal engergies exist. Believing is divine and will make you prosper. Kindness is what has made humanity in this animal kingdom propel and progress. Of course there are many other gifts. Another powerful one is our brain. My gosh. It is another great gift we all have been blessed with. That’s why we must continue to train our brain. But training the brain without compassion will cause corruption. There are tons of studies out there about the correlation between heart and brain. The fonder/purer your heart, the more brain power you will have. Sex and money are sold wrongfully to all of us as a holy grail of power. However, do not forget that kindness is preached in all doctrines. Do not be mislead nor forced by any set standards to disobey this universal law. Any misalignment will come back to you. And yes, if you tell yourself that your unkind actions and doings are okay as they are in alignment with set standards of business and/or any other believe system, you are misleading yourself. Care and the Universe will care for you. If we fail that, we will collectively fail. And failing we are if we don’t pay attention to what is bothering us and fail to actively to aim to rectify. The saying “Failing to plan equals to planning to fail” is so true. I know there are people, including me, who continue to beg us to return the direction of our ship. And with knowledge you can evolve and accomplish that. Be among the pioneers to harvest all powers to excel. Do it!

Ever since the solar eclipse on August 21st, the divine downloads have been extreme. It has felt like I have been in a trance. Thoughts and ideas continue to flow. I used to believe that I was clever. Yes, there was always an esoteric part of me who has believed in harvesting all Universal resources to achieve life milestones. So naturally I easily would make a conscious effort to learn all strategies to propel. That attitude has served me because it has motivated me to continue educating myself. Now, however, I know that there is a greater power steering it. I am humbled to be a chosen one among million of other greats that are spreading love and kindness in this world to enrich. So do not be afraid to wake up, develop awareness, nor do limit yourself due to lack of knowledge. Meet your higher self. This guy explains it so well what it is.

It is truly who you are and what your values are. As I mentioned previously, I do not believe in organized religion. I condemn that organization because they have become corrupted and power hungry and thereof are misleading us. Nor delusional about some weird, non-existing Universal powers. Millions have felt the divine energy that has forced changes in all of us within these past few years. Victor Oddo has been a virtual guide to me. Listen to what he has to say about these divine energies referred to.

I would have lost it many times if it wasn’t for the divine energies that would lead me to various available resources that have helped me to remain sane and navigate through this maze called life. It has been a blessing that I have learned these skills due to experienced hardships. Exhausting at times. But so worth it.

Lastly if you cannot be convinced that spirituality nor energies exists, here is a religious explanation of how it all correlates.

All of these included resources are to educate you. What qualifies me to preach, is my love and passion to observe and study life, organize strategies, and write to make it all better. I have done that my entire life and am getting closer to managing it efficiently.

No matter how you aim to reach greatness, may you always succeed.

Love and Blessings ❤️


Guidance of Universe

One of many beautiful faces of our mighty Universe!

It is from personal experiences that I now know and feel it daily that universe is actively guiding us. Finally I get and feel the spirituality wisdom we all read about, yet dismiss its validity due to our formed believes. It’s however up to us to learn how to read these signs properly to find and decode them correctly. These signs are within all realms of existence. Paying attention to details and being analytical has helped me to finally discover them. The trick to tap into them is however to silence the internal voices formed based on assumptions, conditionings, and regretfully influenced by surrounding external feedback. These voices can be misleading as they cause us to prematurely judge and form our own perceptions without validation. Thought patterns will propel us to engage in aligning actions; Actions that could financially, physically and/or emotionally be costly. I have committed that mistake so many times in my life and have dearly paid for my mistakes. Yet super grateful that they just remained painful yet repairable. The good thing is that I as a result have learned my lessons that I must adjust and readjust my strategies always if I want to make it sanely through this game of life. Grateful I survived each battle as they made me who I am today.

Universe is actively guiding and supporting us.


The point is: No matter where you are at and how bad you assess things to be, as long as you are not dead, universe will always allow you to fall back on it if you chose to do so. However, sometimes the fight is harder and longer than you believe is fair. That means, however, you have failed to learn your lessons all along your life and thereof it will be longer to readjust your path. However, acceptance and counting your blessings is a great start to readjusting your strategies. The sooner you get it, the less painful your life journey will be.

I know I cannot convince all skeptics that I am speaking the truth. However, I feel obligated to say and write it as it is our choice to be authentic or not. I for one am choosing to take advantage of all our given gifts to manage my life. Lately many people claim to have become spiritual. Yet the truth is that they are not walking their talks. Not believing that the consequence of discrepancy between “talks” and ” walks” is damaging. Some believe in karma. But it is not karma. It’s your earlier doings, sayings, and thoughts causing issues. That includes also negatively painting/judging someone or something. These thoughts, saying, and doings translate into energies and vibrate into universe and bounce sooner or later back. The science of universe is a fact. Majority of us cannot wrap our heads around such game changing fact. And those who know about them, elected to remain silence to prevent conflicts. Our scientists too confirm the existence of universe’s mystery, yet do not know how it plays a role in the bigger picture. But that should not keep you as an unbeliever as it doesn’t serve you. As we know, we do not embrace the truth without hard proofs. However, what puzzles me is that we humans know from history that we unknowingly engage in wrong doings by miss assessing and repelling facts until they become obvious. Having observed that should alert us to be a little bit more vigilant! Haven’t we advanced enough to have developed such awareness?  Why not change the pattern instead of immediately jumping the gun to form our own assumptions and remain righteous too and defend our believes or even fight for them, ignoring the facts?  I DO NOT GET IT. However, to each their own. It is not my job to piece myself so that surrounding skeptics and critics understand. Yet it is upsetting to observe people in power with the ability to enrich, yet acting, behaving, and saying wrong and as a result harming themselves, their community, and a bigger village. All due to their own non-serving believe systems and behaviors. Since change starts within, as soon as you change your ways, you will no longer tolerate people who advocate and fight for OLD ways of existence and your change will force your community to change as well. It will catch on. Time has moved on and so must we. Regardless of when you buy into it or not, just know that you are the one who has to live with consequences of your believes and their doings.

May we all be somewhere someday soon that allows us to remain balanced, less agitated, always grateful for all our blessings, and peaceful and content.

Love and Blessings ❤️


Spiritual Awareness and Healing


The spiritual development journey that I was subconsciously forced to endure has finally evolved. All dots do connect if you pay attention. I speak from experience. The final phase started last year, when I was diagnosed with MS. It’s been an emotional roller coaster for me and many other clairvoyants around the globe. The specific events that transpired within these final days, were emotionally tense and painful, yet powerful! All the felt energy forces have been root shaking and forced my fight/flight instinct to kick in to finally wake up to aggressively seek the truth.

At last, clarity and peace of mind that I am not losing my mind but rather am one of the chosen souls to receive divine energies, wisdom, and light to pass onto others. What a supreme blessing! I feel deeply humbled and am grateful for this calling. I happily accept and will fulfill my purpose as best as I can. Now I know why I always have felt special since my childhood. This superiority feeling wasn’t arrogance nor delusions as I used to believe because that was the story I had convinced myself of, felt guilty for, and allowed myself and others to punish me thereof, emotionally and physically. Turns out that it has been a divine gift/blessing. Now I know that all the faced challenges in my life thus far were meant to be. Without them I would not be the person I am today. Determined to follow my bliss. I finally completed my apprenticeship and know that I am.

The divine messages to me and all:

Know that you too have a greater purpose in life and are loved. We are all spiritual beings. All is love and divine. Start appreciating and you will be awarded. Some of us are at the beginning of our journey and some more advanced. All emotional feelings have meanings. The stronger the emotion, the more significant the message. Strive to find out what it means to you and your life. Know that all is here, good and bad, to serve you and you to serve all. You must humbly accept your order and calling in life to succeed. More than anything, humanity and our mother-earth are depleted of kindness and compassion. Spread love and kindness as much as you can. Teaching and support in any form is love, kindness, and compassion. If you are incapable because you are depleted and derailed yourself, seek help and guidance and you shall receive. Always love/heal yourself first to store your heart and overflow it with much compassion, kindness, and love. It will make you feel good. Self healing is utmost import. Only then can you pour love into all that’s crossing your path. All the resources for self healing and healing of others are available. Seek and if you cannot find, look for guidance and support from more advanced spiritual guides to find your way. The more people commit to this cause, the better our individual and collective today and future will be. Help yourself, help all.

Love & Blessings ❤️






Awakening Moment

Have you ever had a moment that changed your life forever? Seems like lately I have been experiencingMe and Bliss many of those moments. The only plausible explanation is that the diagnosis of my health condition awoke me. [read My Story to learn of details]

Isn’t tragedy sometimes what it takes to wake you up? Regretfully sometimes that is indeed what needs to happen in life to be shaken. Those who soar despite never ever having had to grow as a result of pain, are lucky. I so wished I could have been among those. Regardless what it takes to be woken up, it’s a blessing. I am grateful for the kick in the ass. But please know that you all are talented in your ways. Don’t wait up for a tragedy to force you to follow your bliss in life. We all deserve and can live in bliss if we wake up and maximize our gifts. So do it! As I am doing it.

I am excited to embark on my next journey. My calling has been to be a spiritual guide, a teacher, an advisor, a writer with the mission to spread love. I finally have realized that I can connect with a loving and seeking community through offering my services thru private session(s). Besides that I have knowledge and hands-on experiences with conquering and managing many obstacles in life, I continue to see signs that I must follow my calling. You may read my Cause page to see example challenges that have given me the skills to help others. As previously mentioned in a post, I have been quite attracted to the spiritual world. It’s been fun to have Tarot cards, Feng Shui, Astrology, Numerology, Chinese Horoscope, and any other tools guiding me in life. For a few of my birthdays, I have gone to fortune tellers who have looked at me and told me that I should be a spiritual guide. Back then I was thinking that they are nuts. As I was definitely not interested in such a weird and hippie career. However, now I know that I must. All has led to this moment.

Herewith I announce to the world that I am a spiritual guide, a teacher, an advisor. You may hire me for private session(s). If you need a wise, experienced guide who can assist you to navigate and manage life, contact me to inquire.

Love & Blessings ❤️