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Best Things in Life are Worth Waiting and Working For

There are so many sayings/wisdom that confirm that logic in life. Amazing that a person as wealthy and popular as Prince would too know of this profound wisdom. Respect!

I truly can testify to it as well. People ask me why it took me such a long time to loose weight or to find myself and my calling/purpose. I truly am glad it did take its sweet time as the experiences and the journey that has made me into who I am today are PRICELESS treasures that I cherish. I now know that all transpires as it should and we need to learn to go with the ebbs and flows of life to properly manage. I highly advocate developing patience and integrity in your lifetime to refrain from seeking instant gratification as they are misleading. These virtues truly protected me in life from falling into dangers and wrong paths. So I thank my Universe, Divine Powers, Lord, Gods, Gaia, Allah, HaShem, Buddha or however you refer to our Higher Source. It truly does not matter. What matters is our ability to co-exist and embrace diversity in life. Our worlds and landscapes have drastically changed. If we fail to catch up/step up, we will fail to succeed due to natural law which is the “fittest shall survive”. It is a law of nature. Like it or not. Learn to change and stretch yourself to step up [higher your game] as that is your only choice to bliss or you will fall pray into many forms of mental health disorders that are ridding/destroying us.

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I hope you do find valuable information in my stories and wisdom that I share with love. If you cannot, I truly feel sorry as believe you suffer from insecurities that motivate you to repel what you judge/assess.  My messages are getting more direct cause I continue running into oppositions in life. I do apologize for offending anyone. Just offering my “2 cents”.

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Love and Blessings ❤️

Courage to Change

This morning I have been thinking of how most people annoy me with their small talks that include lots of negativity, empty talks of couragewishes that repeat year after year, ignorance, self importance with routines, and complaints of time passing by. It also seems like as we get older, we engage more into talking at surface level. Lots of routines with no deep meanings. It’s boring. Hell, I too have been guilty of all these behaviors.

Then I thought to myself that is plain rude of me to be that negative. Besides, everyone has the right to live the life as they are meant to live it. With all their opinions, flaws, and insecurities. I am the one who doesn’t fit in. My imagination is to talk to people that are impressive and add value, laugh with, share intellectual and spiritual moments with, and live in the moment to age gracefully. And if I collaborate, then we must together create some excitement. Be it tangible or not. Spending time in any other way is a wasted time to me. Quite arrogant!

However, that attitude tells me that I must stop worrying about what’s wrong with people, society, family, past, generation, genders, me, and etc. It’s depressing, stressful, pointless, and paralyzing. Of course we must agree that there is tons wrong. Now, however, I know why my visions have been delayed; Because of me. Myself inflicted miseries. Too busy to focus on what’s wrong with everything and me. Trying so badly to authenticated the discrepancies. That’s a prime example of seeing the glass half empty rather than half full. More importantly it’s contradictory with the philosophy of gratitude and rather disrespectful.

The lessons here are:

  • Accept yourself with all your expectations in life.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Strive to design your life as you like it.
  • Be authentic. [read last post]
  • Let go of that what cannot be changed, peacefully.
  • Stay strong if faced with fears, doubts, or loneliness caused by others’ animosity, disapproval, resistance, discouragement, intimidation, love withdrawal, ignorance, spitefulness, pitifulness, or any other forms of imposed emotional abuses. They do not know better. Ignore and peacefully move on!
  • Gracefully remain steadfast and on the mission.
  • Continue to improve your game. This strategy is complex but the best.
  • Complete the necessary work.
  • Remain patient.
  • Be open to miracles.
  • Always love yourself thru it all.
  • Be kind and forgive.
  • Count your blessings and appreciate your gifts.
  • Have fun! Enjoy the journey with all its ups and downs.

More force to those who lack a support system.

May we all make it to what we strive to be in life while we have the opportunity. Happy😊

Peace and Blessings❤️


Human Suffering

Presently I feel so vulnerable and hurt in my life because of my bike accident last week. My MS symptoms have gotten worse ever since. Legs below my knees feel numb. Left leg overall is stiff. I am clumsy and have no coordination. Yesterday and the day before my eyes suddenly started to burn and water as I was working. Since I had to cease work, wage loss and financial burdens are causes for even more stress in my life! As if an injury is not bad enough. Exercise activities, biking, dancing, and occasional yoga poses, too are out of the picture. So no stress reduction and balance forming activities for me for a while. Great! I have gained 6 pounds.


Naturally I am depressed and can only pray that this time passes too as I have no one who will take care of me if I am not strong enough to take care of myself. Sad to say but it is the truth.

This made me think of my dad. He was all alone by himself when he got hit by a car while he was walking on the sideboard. The driver had epilepsy. He experienced an episode while driving and hit my dad. He must have been in excruciating pain while both his legs were broken in a cast. It took 6 months for him to heal. And none of us were around to help emotionally nor physically.

That’s when I realized that human strength is amazing. What a patience and endurance. All of those who have suffered due tragic circumstances in life and have still come up on top. The most interesting thing that happened to me was that I came across Marie Forleo’s latest blog post. It included Marianne Williamson‘s interview that introduced me to Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment book. I downloaded as an audiobook. This book validated my feelings and has been an affirmation. She too talks of human suffering and how it forms our character and belongs to humanity. All experiences bad or good are lessons to learn from.

The book gave me the hope that I too can come out of this experience stronger! So did so many valuable people in life. That’s why humanity has prevailed and advanced. Remember that through good and bad. Always remain positive and be grateful for all that is. And don’t fail to learn your lesson(s). These are my notes to myself today. May others too know that they are not alone.

Peace and Blessing ❤️

Reinvention Magic

I just noticed that the start of this blog set the magic free. It was June 2015 that I was diagnosed with my MS condition. This blog started beginning of 2015. I started because I had read somewhere that daily gratitude can change your life.

My story kinda confirms that there is some truth to that. I, as many of you, had a new year resolution. To reinvent my life and myself. Once again! Don’t we all do that yearly? Since all intelligent people practice attitude of gratitude, I decided to mimic. This blog was started since I always loved talking and writing and gathering nice pictures. Finding out secrets of happiness suited for me is a fun activity. I am sure many can related. Maybe there is something to that saying “Follow your heart, find your bliss!” So finally I did or at least attempted to. I cannot help it for loving to write of my internal world which is designing or composing a fun, beautiful, and luxurious life. All that I have picked, chosen, and done in life thus far has continued to elevate my status ever since my childhood. Why would I not want to continue? Yes, it did takes lots of sweat and blood and unbelievable patient. Not every men’s job. To endure so much pain. Yet, I have tons of stories to tell. Exciting! I only hope that it will continue to prosper into even more excitement. This time around please with less pain, sweat, blood, and endurance. Now that I think back everything has happened for a reason. It’s liberating to finally have the guts to do what’s needed to reinvent myself. The power is indeed in all of us. It’s just the mind that decides one path over the other. Train your brain! You can do it!

Magic Book

What Magic? Ever since I started this blog, the needed resources and/or circumstances have started to appear in my life. These are indeed propelling me to follow my guts.

The bottom line is: Start being grateful, train your brain, and be kind. And see the magic unfold in your life.

Peace and blessings ❤️