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Best Things in Life are Worth Waiting and Working For

There are so many sayings/wisdom that confirm that logic in life. Amazing that a person as wealthy and popular as Prince would too know of this profound wisdom. Respect!

I truly can testify to it as well. People ask me why it took me such a long time to loose weight or to find myself and my calling/purpose. I truly am glad it did take its sweet time as the experiences and the journey that has made me into who I am today are PRICELESS treasures that I cherish. I now know that all transpires as it should and we need to learn to go with the ebbs and flows of life to properly manage. I highly advocate developing patience and integrity in your lifetime to refrain from seeking instant gratification as they are misleading. These virtues truly protected me in life from falling into dangers and wrong paths. So I thank my Universe, Divine Powers, Lord, Gods, Gaia, Allah, HaShem, Buddha or however you refer to our Higher Source. It truly does not matter. What matters is our ability to co-exist and embrace diversity in life. Our worlds and landscapes have drastically changed. If we fail to catch up/step up, we will fail to succeed due to natural law which is the “fittest shall survive”. It is a law of nature. Like it or not. Learn to change and stretch yourself to step up [higher your game] as that is your only choice to bliss or you will fall pray into many forms of mental health disorders that are ridding/destroying us.

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I hope you do find valuable information in my stories and wisdom that I share with love. If you cannot, I truly feel sorry as believe you suffer from insecurities that motivate you to repel what you judge/assess.  My messages are getting more direct cause I continue running into oppositions in life. I do apologize for offending anyone. Just offering my “2 cents”.

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Love and Blessings ❤️

Gods are Reborn

What a blessing! To know that Universe has your back and that sticking to moral values in life does pay back. YOU get to be a part of this age. I am thrilled that I am. In my heart I always felt blessed for living in this age with so much resources.

It is ironic that an ex-atheist like me now believes in the stories that so many people believed in and still do (or falsely believe they do). Yet the Divine downloads that I have been receiving lately, tell me that these great men did indeed walk the earth and preached. We, however, changed the stories around to work them for our own hidden agendas and those in power abused it! And many other greats [I call them earth angels] who walked the earth, we prosecuted/punished/derailed them. Broke their hearts and abused them. Gods are mad!

I now know why we suffer! Because all the powers lay indeed within. We can do good or bad. We managed to balance between good and bad. But the bad is now on tipping point. If you want to experience heaven, know that it needs to be created on Earth to be passed on to following generations with kindness. Learn how to. It made an example out of me and so many others to proof to us, who care to learn from examples, that we have all we need to succeed as so many, including me, could and did. It’s not freaking easy, yet it is doable and the reality. It’s up to us to make it or fuck it up!

Divine Powers tell me that the blessing first were presented in form of religions to guide us and later in many other blessings. But we continued to ignore and believe arrogantly that these great science/advancement innovations and other blessings were/are man made. The truth is far from that. All our blessings, including science and anything in between, are Divine blessings. Not our own doings! We are just chose vehicles in various roles, executing. Ideas, innovations, creativity, science, art, advancements, discoveries, all of it. Every single detail is planned. I learned that fact based on my close observation of all realms. To feel the proof of Divine Powers, just learn to see the signs of its existence in yourself, your surroundings, our planet, other, blah blah blah and live in love.

Fact is that most men too abused their given powers, regretfully due to their biology that is  animalistic and tougher to control, so work will need to now continue by women as they are better equipped to lead. Just as we grow, so does GAIA. It’s LOGIC! So powers are shifting.

Our jobs are to appreciate our blessing as they are given to us, refrain from corruption and deceit at all cost, and do good with our powers and resources to flourish ourselves and our immediate communities. Specially as a man you must learn to control your ego and focus on kindly to be the provider/protector of your community as you were equipped to be. Only a peaceful collaboration among the genders or any other differences will ensure success. Any hateful intentions, sayings, doings, and such are indeed karma that will rotten one’s blessings. Those who fall into the wrong belief system to decline Divine Powers existence, are sinning and will pay their dues in life. In today’s world they are called mental disorders that lower the quality of life’s. Well documented on the rise as sinning is high. Those who have the ability to abuse their powers, may try to entertain and kill time for themselves. However, their inner truth and mind will never leave them experiencing bliss in life. Thereof sufferings are unavoidable! All sufferings are messages to wake us up. As we continue to miss them, the sufferings get tougher.

Since United States has shown signs of having abused it’s given leadership powers, Gods have been angry and continue to punish its wrongdoings strongly with various hardships. Largely it’s because its people have lost faith and engage in narcissistic, corrupted behaviors. Specially this countries leaders.They have become gullible and ignorant. It was Divine Powers that caused the Roman Empire to fall apart. To prevent history from repeating itself, United States will need to rise once again to lead the world into prosperity and peace. I personally have no longer any worries as I see clearly the signs of the upcoming changes all over this country’s landscape. That too has been planned by the Divine Powers. There will not be another fall like Roman Empire as United States has been chosen to lead the way once again. Changes have been initiated and are just a matter of time.

May you too believe soon again as it is beautiful and comforting.

Love and Blessings ❤️

Create the Best Version of YOU

Love Thyself ~ Salome

A profound realization came to me today which has been life changing for me and so can it be for you. To have developed and learned to master this life changing strategy took me years of depression and forces of nature. However, better now than never. So despite all the battles I had to endure and fight, I feel blessed for having discovered this strategy.

Long story short, due to years of feeling as an outsider, repelled, unsupported, unloved, and isolated, I have had no other choice than to learn to rely on myself. As a woman that is not easy as we are taught to be self-less, remain humble, and are biologically driven anyhow to take care of a village first before ourselves. Yet that is a huge mistake! I know it now from years of suffering and having observed others destroying themselves and their village. We must be whole first before we can effectively take care of a village. In my opinion it is the most important thing in life as it has a huge impact. Specially as a woman. Why? It’s a known fact that women are the foundation of our society. Granted, that fact is still being challenged, debated and argued at all times. However, we are stopping progress due to our own demons which are the brainwashed conditioning and needs to compete and being righteous about what’s right or wrong. Having established and recognized that fact, why do we not adopt what makes sense to progress in life instead of engaging in finding what’s right or wrong? In my case, I felt incomplete and depressed, and thereof never thought that I needed to focus my energies on myself. I was always on the search of the ideal situation that could possibly make me whole and since it didn’t automatically happen, I was convincing myself that this miserable existence is what reality is and that I must accept my life is depressing and dull. That’s a complete BS.

If you care to accomplish the best version of you, then love yourself as you would love your child. Be your best friend, guide yourself, nourish yourself, exercise, be curious, continue to grow, respect/honor yourself, have your best interest in mind, standup for yourself, and most importantly, develop the best friendship possible with yourself as no one knows you better than you. Self-love will awaken love and compassion and change your life forever.

Pouring your efforts into creating a better version of yourself is the best investment of you life time. It starts with self-love!

I intuitively have been attracted to mirrors. I used to be ashamed of looking into mirrors and feel weird for being different. To this date it is difficult to love and take care of myself guilt free because I have been conditioned to feel guilty about showing signs of narcissism. Yet the forces of nature have taught me in a rough way that all is within us, only if we would open our eyes and expand our perspectives.

A practice that starts a relationship with oneself is to learn to look and speak to oneself directly in the mirror or camera, hashing things out and/or advising oneself to do the right thing. Imagine two entities, a mind and a body. The best friendship you could ever form in between these two entities. If you master that, than you will be able to guide yourself to a better version of you. You can teach others, yet you can never control them. However, you can control and direct yourself. Change is forced when people see change unfold in you. If you do the right thing, those surrounding you will automatically be inspired too and eager to improve themselves as well. That’s powerful!

This practice among others have propelled me ahead. I am happy to report that I am the best version of myself thus far. However, as we know from business management science, there is always room for improvement. That is what makes life fun. Enjoy the journey, be patient with yourself as you strive to get where you need to go. You can do it.

Love and Blessings ❤️



One Plan vs. Multiples

Quite often have I heard that focusing and working toward one life plan is the best strategy. Not necessarily. What has worked for me is having had multiple life options.  This strategy has strengthened me and has always elevated my life. If plan A doesn’t pan out, then there is a plan B, C, D, E, and so forth. You get the picture.

Let your Faith be bigger than your Fears

More than anything, have faith!

If circumstances don’t happen according to your liking or plan(s) in life, they were not meant to be. This could be a job, a friendship, a marriage, a business, or so many other circumstances. It’s OK. You tried it and had hopefully fun and now you know it was not meant to be. Move on. There are many skills and analogies you learned . Those are your valuables to take forever from any life circumstance. Be thankful. Always dare to do what it takes to try your options and again if things don’t workout and you perceive any project as a failure, learn your lessons, count your blessings, peacefully move on, and do it better the next time!? That philosophy has always propelled me in life.

Note to self: practice makes the master. If we only continue practicing, one day we will master it.  It’d be exciting to learn how to always live in the moment, appreciate life, enjoy the journey, and be happy.

Peace and Blessings❤️


Love Lives Forever


FullSizeRender 11

The death of our dog Sophie was one of the many painful experiences of my life thus far. But she made her exit so graceful and spiritual. It all went fast. Diagnosed 6/15/16 and resting in peace since 6/20/16. The eerie coincident was that she started getting sick a few days after my bike fall. As if life couldn’t get worst. Initially I thought she had eaten something that upset her stomach. Within a few days, her tummy blew up and was hard to the touch. Her appetite too had gone down, she was moving slower, and vomited a few times. I thought maybe she was constipated and because of that toxic waste sitting in her intestine, she was feeling sluggish. Too was the triple digit temperature weather not helping. We continued watching her bathroom habits. She would go but only poop a tiny bit. But there were no signs of dehydration. She also would continue struggling to push out drops of water. After watching her for 3 days being in the same state, I decided to take her to vet for x-ray and exam. It was Wednesday 6/15/16.

The vet said the words that I never wanted to hear even before x-ray. That he was confident that Sophie has been carrying a cancerous tumor that aggressively blew up within a few weeks in her stomach. He said it could be sitting on the spleen or the liver. We could attempt to do a surgery to take the mass out. Yet he said such a procedure would be invasive emotionally and physically to the dog. It would dent our pocket and might extend her life for a few months, in 15% to 20% of all cases that he has seen in his 27 years of work with animals.

Sophie 5/7/07 - 6/20/16
Sophie 5/7/07 – 6/20/16

Tears started flowing. Yet, both dogs were calm. Which was unusual. Normally they would  both be nervous and panting. My mind started racing. I wanted to do the right thing. Mostly I wanted to be there for Sophie and Gia so that they knew there was nothing to fear in life. That I love them and even in transition will remain strong or maybe even conquer this with them. The doctor highlighted that he would absolutely respect if I put the dog down. In hindsight I know he meant it well. However, at that moment it was upsetting and unimaginable. I told him that I need to sleep over it. As I was not going to blindly take this verdict and immediately decide what to do next. I owed it to me and my friend. I could not just decide that she needs to go. What if she is curable and/or it is not yet time for her to go. At home I kept thinking that Sophie was going to miraculously heal and be her old self some day soon. I researched the net, wrote my questions down, and decided that I was going to get a second opinion the next day. Yet she kept getting weaker and weaker and I could feel that it was best to accept reality and not to drag it on until I felt emotionally ready. The last thing I would ever want is my beautiful dog that has been a true friend for 9 years to suffer to please myself. And I could tell she was badly trying to still please me. With her wags, her attempts to eat, to go for walks, to greet visitors, follow me upstairs to watch me work, and some other cutesy demeanor, despite lacking the energy. After speaking to the doctor for the second time, having read all the research, and closely monitoring Sophie’s status, I decided to let her go in peace and in good spirit. Her in-home euthanasia was tentatively scheduled for Monday 6/20/16, between 4 – 5 in the afternoon. This date ended up happening.

We celebrated her life while keeping her hydrated, fed, and comfortable, secretly hoping for a miracle. Yet determined to keep up her spirit and body in the most best possible shape. It was a nice time as we built lots of good final memories with our dog.

Meanwhile I continued to feel guilty because Sophie has always been fixated on me. Whenever I would feel emotionally beaten, she would jump on my lap, lick my face, and cuddle. Or if I would be agitated or speak fast and loud, she would be hiding and be stressed out. Poor thing! It also didn’t help that my mother would claim that bad energies that were meant to harm me on my bike fall, transferred to Sophie. Some superstitious believes that she has picked up from her Persian culture. Subconsciously she has conveyed to me that it is so and I must be grateful that it bypassed me, into my Sophie. Really!!?

It was Sunday morning. Sophie, Gia, and I went up. While they laid in their usual place on the recliner chair, I was mindlessly looking through all my papers. I discovered a few local magazines that I had picked up in a doctor office or maybe some holistic supermarket a year earlier. At the end of one of them, there was an ad for Critter Doc, Andrea Sobotka. She caught my attention. I further researched her site and decided to send her an email about Sophie’s situation. I truly needed a spiritual soul to confirm that Sophie is indeed transitioning. And I also needed to know if it’s my fault as my mother had insinuated. She replied within hours and she happened to have time on Monday. What a blessing. Andrea was kind enough to put us at ease with feeling Sophie’s low energy and validating that she was indeed ready to leave this phase behind. Much more importantly she put me at ease by telling me that the dog has chosen me and is very happy with the love that we have exchanged and is not afraid to transition. She applauded our ability to accept reality and allow her to go in peace. That love lives forever ❤️Love Infinity

Her transition was one of the most beautiful, spiritual Picture of Sophie and Gia with meexperiences that I ever have had. For days, we closely cuddled lots, smelled lavender oil, sat and laid with powerful crystals, ate grilled chicken and steak together, kissed her belly lots, and adored her shinny fur and beautiful soul, captured moments in pictures and videos, told her that it’s OK to transition, and thanked her for her friendship.

Per Andrea, Sophie had chosen to stay around as spirit for a while after her transition. Call me crazy, but I feel her presence once in a while around. Sophie used to growl and intimidate Gia when she would get too close to me and take her place. Gia still gets up, acts like she’s seen a ghost, and moves away. Just like back in the days! As scary as it sounds, it is comforting to know that she loved us enough to want to stick around. Not sure if there is such a thing!?

Reading other peoples’ experiences with such a transition does help a lot as well. Read this blog post from the gifted Sarah Petruno. Another comforting activity is to recall and view memories that have gathered overtime. These activities include: recalling events, watching movies and pictures. And not to forget the support of a loving community is healing that I am very thankful for. We received many sympathy cards and FB posts. Thank you all for your kind words.

Her spirit will forever last in our hearts and in our home.

Let’s never fail to form lasting memories in life while we can and always trust that love lives forever, making pain a temporary life phase that will pass.

Peace and Blessing ❤️