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Best Things in Life are Worth Waiting and Working For

There are so many sayings/wisdom that confirm that logic in life. Amazing that a person as wealthy and popular as Prince would too know of this profound wisdom. Respect!

I truly can testify to it as well. People ask me why it took me such a long time to loose weight or to find myself and my calling/purpose. I truly am glad it did take its sweet time as the experiences and the journey that has made me into who I am today are PRICELESS treasures that I cherish. I now know that all transpires as it should and we need to learn to go with the ebbs and flows of life to properly manage. I highly advocate developing patience and integrity in your lifetime to refrain from seeking instant gratification as they are misleading. These virtues truly protected me in life from falling into dangers and wrong paths. So I thank my Universe, Divine Powers, Lord, Gods, Gaia, Allah, HaShem, Buddha or however you refer to our Higher Source. It truly does not matter. What matters is our ability to co-exist and embrace diversity in life. Our worlds and landscapes have drastically changed. If we fail to catch up/step up, we will fail to succeed due to natural law which is the “fittest shall survive”. It is a law of nature. Like it or not. Learn to change and stretch yourself to step up [higher your game] as that is your only choice to bliss or you will fall pray into many forms of mental health disorders that are ridding/destroying us.

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I hope you do find valuable information in my stories and wisdom that I share with love. If you cannot, I truly feel sorry as believe you suffer from insecurities that motivate you to repel what you judge/assess.  My messages are getting more direct cause I continue running into oppositions in life. I do apologize for offending anyone. Just offering my “2 cents”.

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Love and Blessings ❤️

Break Bonds that High-jack One

breaking bonds

It’s a secret to success in life. The more focused you remain on your mission and ignore what a dysfunctional society and/or your surrounding wants from you, the closer you will be to bliss. Now a days that’s quite difficult to manage as every single interaction demands your attention and conditions you. The more one tries to please all and everyone, the more one’s soul splits or in other terms gets lost and confused. I know first hand how that it is as I too as many of you have grown up in a dysfunctional family as well as have dealt and am still dealing  with the society and all it imposes on me. All those expectations caused me to questions my trajectory and thereof remain unhappy. A conditioning that most of us suffer from. My dysfunctional family, specially my love for my mother derailed and bluffed me to remain convinced that my happiness could have been or should have been different. Since she has been unable to maximize her resources and has been convinced that we all must brood together, she insists and argues with me for hours that my way is wrong because it does not flow with hers. As if I belong to her because she gave birth to me and must accept that BS. It is ironic. Same thing happens outside. Because I have been an introvert and care less to socialize and shoot the crap with everyone, society tries to condition me with their reaction to my uninviting attitude. Makes me feel like crap! As if I must smile at everyone and listen to all cutsie pitches and/or attempts to connect. If I don’t, then I am crazy and/or a bitch or too standoffish. So sorry about that. It truly is not my intentions to offend anyone. However, one must understand that the more you try to please everyone and/or all interactions, the less you are able to please yourself in life. Naturally I have developed a very thick skin to remain focused on my mission.

A very strong bond is indeed a tie to one’s roots. The expectations of our surrounding misleads us to believe we must comply with a dysfunctional manner of existence due to fake set expectations. But we must not! I for one saw how my own family managed to ruin themselves and all due to their wrong mindsets and their wrong reactions to external factors. As if we they had no control. Kind of stupid. So sorry to say that. However, that is the fact. If we are not privileged to grow in the most idealistic environment to be whole, we run ourselves down the drain because we try to keep up with it all while loosing ourselves. So I decided I will not partake it that.

Do not allow your emotional bonds nor reactions high-jack you. We have a choice. Now and the future can be brighter only if we decide to address issues in a proper manner. In my personal life I have been multiple times in cross roads where I had to make hard choices that set my family and/or society off to follow my own bliss. To say the least, it has been very rough as I continued to feel guilty and ashamed for my ways of existence. However, today I am super happy that I always followed this principle regardless of how much pain, loneliness, and awkwardness I endured. As I always knew that you can only be helpful to your family and/or surrounding if you are full yourself. Naturally I have proudly remained dedicated to my mission. Same applies to our collective trajectory as a society. All our experiences depend on our correct choices now and today. We control it all. We can control the crazies from running nuts to disturb the freedom of all those who were trying to experience love and happiness in Las Vegas. How many more tragedies must we experience before we wake up? Failing to take active actions at the right time to control us and our environment will result in tragic outcomes. That’s a fact.

Love and Blessings ❤️


Adversity Deepens & Beautifies

It is the truth! We all get pissed off once life gets to be too complex. Yet it is learning to navigate all its transpired circumstances. Do it with poise and grace and learn your lessons to break through. Beside of feeling proud of yourself, figuring out how to solve issues, truly deepens and beautifies your soul and appreciation for life. I know it cause I used to bitch and moan at all that wasn’t right in my life. However, once I learned that circumstances are as they are and that it is my job to hash them out and/or attempt to solve them, did I seek to educate myself to make it. Another confirmation is almost everyone has a reaction to the new, changed me. I continued to be puzzled as to why. Now I know that it is the beauty of my soul. Both reactions were puzzling and disturbing at times. Truly challenging. I finally know, however, the answer. It is a repeated issue in our society that continues to interfere with our progress and greatness. As we know there are many greats out there who manage to do everything right. A prime example of our times is Oprah. We all wished we had a life like her but are unaware of how much tear and blood work it must have been and still is for her to make it and/or manage it. Yet we righteously have our opinions and reasons as to why good things don’t nor can or should happen to us. Yet the fact is those who rise, take on a lot of pain and work onto themselves and are deserving of that lifestyle.Work starts with you. You can shine, always. All of us have given gifts. Use them!

Adversities are opportunities to evolve and rise!

Those who choose to remain negative, resent their past, recognize their inability to reach up to their likings will either repel someone like Oprah who rubs it in their face or even cause conflicts to justify themselves. There are other conditions that lead to negative reactions. All of them are driven from behavioral limitations or impairments. However, endure the pain of leaving a less than successful tribe behind in pursuit of happiness. As much as it is painful, do not be enticed to remain in your charted territory as discovering uncharted land is so worth it. Remember that we all have what we need to succeed. And if you continue to fail, then you are not doing something right. Those who assess and judge you correctly will evolve with you to move on while all those who should not play a role in your life will fall out. I used to continue to fail because of my own assessments and judgements; All is a believe system that’s impairing you and life. Adopt one that enhances your life.

I know how painful it is but I always felt like growth is in pain and thereof I never ever shied away from challenges. The sooner you are up for the challenge of change, the sooner you will come to live your life to it fullest potential. Now I actually seek them out to expedite my progress.The bonus point is that the deepening of your soul, beautifies you [‘Beauty starts within’] and your life. Everyone would want that. So next time you face adversity, get curious as how it can be solved rather than find reasons to justify your limiting choices. It is life changing. Remember life is complex. Yet it is your job to find all that beautifies it.

Love and Blessings ❤️


Keys to Success

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Picture was taken in 2007, when grandma and I visited NYC.

Honestly the best attributes that ever have happened to me are clarity, curiosity, positive thinking, making the best out of the moment, love, and having grandiose motivators/reasons. Of course it cannot be denied that I have had the lineage, aptitude, and opportunities. However, in this age that’s irrelevant. The only thing that I have done is to harvest all our natural given gifts, gather strategies and apply, and continue to practice/hone over a lifetime. And I am almost 50. To tell yourself that you cannot do it because of your lack of aptitude, skills, background or any other reasons, conditions, and values, is being ungrateful. But more that anything, these are excuses and will paralyze you. Empower yourself with all that strengthens you and elevates your life. Learn strategies of how to, practice them like a muscle, and you too will be rewarded. Promise!

Positive Thoughts Empower. Negatives cripple!

Everyone can be successful if they want and chose to. It’s all a mastery. There are many giants out there who teach these principles as well. Tony Robbins always comes to my mind. One of my many guides. Find the ones that speak to you and learn.

Study and practice!

Always see the glass half full, practice to replace negative thoughts with positives to empower yourself, at least as best as you can and are comfortable to, make the best out of everything, live in the moment, challenge yourself once in a while, manage/control your reactions to external world, and be prepared to work hard/hone your game, the better you do it, the more value you add. Controlling/harvesting emotions is a tough one. However, know that tolerating negative emotions, lead to misery.  Besides most of your emotions are due to misunderstandings. If a story would be evaluated externally, by a qualified aid, you would find out that the story or stories that you are telling yourself are crippling you. Turn those around and always appreciate the positives that empower you. Love yourself. This one is multifaceted yet doable. Believe me. I did it and so did and do many other people around the world. Be your own best friend.

Know that it’s work. I have been in development since my childhood. I bet you will not need to work as hard as I did to find enlightenment if you chose to.

Do upon others as you would want done onto you. Spread love.

Love and Blessings ❤️


One Plan vs. Multiples

Quite often have I heard that focusing and working toward one life plan is the best strategy. Not necessarily. What has worked for me is having had multiple life options.  This strategy has strengthened me and has always elevated my life. If plan A doesn’t pan out, then there is a plan B, C, D, E, and so forth. You get the picture.

Let your Faith be bigger than your Fears

More than anything, have faith!

If circumstances don’t happen according to your liking or plan(s) in life, they were not meant to be. This could be a job, a friendship, a marriage, a business, or so many other circumstances. It’s OK. You tried it and had hopefully fun and now you know it was not meant to be. Move on. There are many skills and analogies you learned . Those are your valuables to take forever from any life circumstance. Be thankful. Always dare to do what it takes to try your options and again if things don’t workout and you perceive any project as a failure, learn your lessons, count your blessings, peacefully move on, and do it better the next time!? That philosophy has always propelled me in life.

Note to self: practice makes the master. If we only continue practicing, one day we will master it.  It’d be exciting to learn how to always live in the moment, appreciate life, enjoy the journey, and be happy.

Peace and Blessings❤️