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Standard vs. Uniqueness


From experience I can testify that repelling uniqueness or differences is part of the Western culture and in general part of humanity. I was a foreigner in Germany for 10 years and now have lived in United States for 25+ years as a Persian. In Germany I would be assumed to be a Turk as Turkish people were allowed to migrate to that country as laborers after WWII to help rebuild the country and in the States, specially in Southwest, people assume I am Mexican or a Native Indian. Due to having experienced the [ugly] treatments most Westerner extend to these groups, I know that repelling anything that differs from expected standards is the norm within these societies. Simultaneously, I have been exposed to my own culture discriminatory behaviors as well. So naturally I have seen how we tend to repel anything that differs from our programmed belief system. However, it has been utmost harsh! As a privileged Persian who would have been brought up within my groups, I would have never experienced these kind of unjust behaviors existing within our societies/cultures. So I would have used/misused my powers to bully the lesser privileged groups.

We can beat our programmed belief systems. I lucked out by isolating and experiencing life differently so I can report to you that if we fail to control the natural course of our thinking pattern that is motivated by a false belief system [programmed], we will fail to ever see unity! Why? Isn’t that pretty obvious!? Our environments have changed drastically ever since the internet. We now are aware of much more than our brains are capable of handling. Globalization has caused many clashes among the various groups that we previously were unaware of. Because of our inability to process all that information, being mislead and slipping into the wrong path due to our faulty believe systems is easily doable by those who can play us. That is disastrous! Clashes of opinions are not be feared as only exchanging in a healthy manner will propel us as humanity ahead.

There are so many examples to cite to point out a few related issues presently playing mind games with all of us. An example, Opiate Addiction Epidemic is on the rise because the differences that are challenging our learned/programmed standards ARE above average. These discrepancies are leading to massive stress and depressions. Regretfully a society that is money motivated and has learned to remain focused on money, can easily be corrupted by its leaders that we rely on. So we go to our doctors who we believe are the experts [leaders] we can trust. Yet our doctors are motivated to make a living. Pharmaceutical companies send out account managers who are charming and enticing. They tell our doctors that the more they prescribe of their medications [recorded & reported by pharmacies], the more prestige and money they will receive. At times we run into good people who will never partake in such a corrupt system, yet can one trust blindly? He or she might be just selling you in such a cunning manner that you will never know. Or they too might have been convinced that their learned conventional education is the only way to address issues!? I have been there. In 2015, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The neurologist who I was told to see, scared me to death by insisting that I must start pharmaceutical treatments as soon as possible to prevent future relapses. He cheerfully expressed that he had my best interest in mind with his serious recommendations. Since I had worked for a pharmaceutical corporation and knew how the system works, despite initially loosing it, I went into research. Not even one week passed by till I was being bombarded with calls from a prominent pharmaceutical company specializing in MS patients. I talked to a very kind concierge nurse exclusive assigned to me to support me. I felt special and a sense of calmness, believing that she truly cared for me. But in my research I found out why she was motivated to do this. Not to say that she personally lacked compassion, the truth, however, remains that she was an employee of a pharmaceutical company who has been advised to execute her job professionally. Not to dismiss that people lack sincerity but maybe it was just a presented show to comply with her duties!? Come to find out, I would have been a 100k client annually to them. Of course they will assign a concierge nurse [customer service representative] who probably handles so many more 100k patients for her company.

The worse thing is that if I had opted to listen to my doc blindly, I would have been hooked on depression medications and who knows what else to manage the side affects of the MS drug. An official patient in the system to generate money. In general, any medical problem should not immediately be combated with medication, including depression However, standards compel us to rely on this false belief system that has been ingrained [programmed] into us.

To make a long story short, I even went back a year later, thinking that my good health and weight-loss achieved would convince my doc to adopt kinder and gentler ways of treatments that he could advocate to his other MS patients. He actually arrogantly repelled and dismissed me as I did not provide the relationship that he had accepted mentally. Either his doings were due to true arrogance, cause how dare me to challenge his gained years of expertise, or he was truly corrupted and only interested in working with people that supply to his motives without questioning his authority. Regardless of his reasons, I could care less as I am grateful I relied on my own wisdom handling the situation that had such a profound effect on my well-being. The point is always take into consideration your own well-being and do not allow anyone to mislead you, either knowingly nor unknowingly.

We must acknowledge that our inability to consolidate our differences to co-exist in this global world,  causes damages to ourselves and the society in large. Because we unknowingly [automatically] engage in combating/conflicting behaviors just to justify our world to our set standards. If you pay attention, you will notice that battling differences in this world is lately the standards that’s why shit is hitting the fan.  It happens between genders, left and rights, ethnics, religious groups, country, and on and one and on. Gosh people defend their opinions, belief systems, teams, groups, and everything will all their powers with zero regards to a greater good. These behaviors are automated in compliance with our natural tendencies to behave like animals rather than cultured and controlled. That’s why we as humans have been chosen to be the top of the animal kingdom. Engaging in any uncontrolled behaviors will destroy our resources including us self. In order to store harmony and recreate unity in all realms of life, small and large, we must learn to embrace differences. How to do that when there is so much complexity confusing messages, injustice, and the never ending problems among all the different groups and in the world? It can be difficult at times to navigate through all that is transpiring around us and it’s easy to crawl back into our known belief systems [standards] to hide and numb ourselves. But don’t give up as there is a methodical way out. Yes, it is lots of work. But so worth the peace the harmony of your mind lends. How have I reached such a state of mind? Despite wanting to give up trying, I continued to remain objective in life, always sought the truth despite its ugliness at times, stayed focused on what has been enhancing my life, and acted out of kindness with the knowledge I was exposed to and the powers I was given. Many times my persona has been misjudged due to handling things myself as well as issues differently, against the set standards. However, I have continued to successfully exist in such a manner and can confidently tell you that it is the only way of moving forward in this environment. May the fittest survive is one of our universal laws that we must abide by to prevail. Norms and standards as expected are being challenged in today’s world. Only learning to embrace our differences and remain aware of the truth to control issues is our solution to heal as a global society. Together we can heal and better manage our resources to unit. It starts within and must entail adopting co-existence strategies. Learning to embrace our differences [be it internal or external] is the only way to overcome chaos/disaster to restore peace, harmony and unity. Do it!

Love and Blessings ❤️


Heal the World

Positive change starts within and spreads to your immediate community. Believe me! If you care to heal the world and our earth, then please start the positive changes within. I did today. I attended a solar eclipse party and dared to shamelessly tell people what are their inappropriate behaviors. And I am proud of it as I know things that tick people off are thought provoking and make them think about many things. As painful this viewpoint and challenging it has been in my life, I care less. And know that Universe has a message for all of us. That we are all gifted and must use our gifts to spread good into our world. I as a warrior of life have not done the right thing thus far either, fully. Yes, partially I would (or maybe subconsciously) always challenge myself and others to push buttons. However, I would always feel ashamed later and try to justify my actions to surrounding people. They too, however, seem to be too conditioned to do the right thing. Thereof, if you fail to listen to yourself, you will be mislead.

Change Starts Small & Within

So here is what transpired today for me and how you too can decide to change today.

As I was making my way into the venue, I dared to be who I truly am and told myself to not care about people’s reactions and don’t allow myself once again to be intimated that distracts, hurts, and makes always miss opportunities in life. Yes, I took many breaths to calms my anxiety. Why anxious? Because people are bullies at times without knowledge due to their conditionigs and learned behavioral limitations, and fears, and I freaking am an empath. If you don’t know what that is, what the heck are you doing here? As I was driving, the radio was playing a tune. Within the lyrics I heard ‘I must confess and imagine people naked’. So there. Advises and guides are everywhere. Your job is to pick up the right frequencies. I did picture everyone naked and was not afraid to call their inappropriate behaviors to their attention and knew in my heart that I only did or said hurtful things out of love, to motivate them to change. People are just inappropriate and will rob your freedom to exist and/or teach you to not fully express yourself because it is politically incorrect. With their actions and/or saying they try to intimidate you, which conditioned and teaches one to remain silent and act as if things went unnoticed. ‘Not with me ‘ as I have been telling myself for a while. However, implementing it has been rather difficult as people will continue to punish you for defending yourself. It is very hurtful and vindictive at times. Terrible! Back to my stories, a grandpa suddenly noticed me sitting there and just blocked my view. I patiently waited and waited. He would not move and he kept enjoying his drink while standing in my view. I asked if he could kindly move as he was blocking my view. His reaction was to look at me in a weird way, laugh, and ask me in a sarcastic way “what am I looking at?” I am thinking to myself, “none of your freaking business, really. Didn’t want to talk to you grandpa.” So I looked at him in a funny way and crossed my legs and arms while picturing him naked. It was funny. More  importantly the advice worked as he moved and was ashamed to invade my space again. Two minutes later a family noticed me confidently sitting there in my designer outfit and confident and came fairly close to me to start speaking loud about their exciting life events. A woman who either knew them or was there with them, was watching me too from afar. Once she noticed that I am annoyed with the loud speaking voices while sitting there to enjoy the Sonoran desert in quietness, she felt empowered to join the group and add to the noises to intimate my arrogance and confidence. I truly felt like my privacy was intentionally violated in an effort to make feel back about being there solo. I thought to myself: “Okay, if you must try to annoy and intimate me with loud or make me sad 🤣 because I am alone at the venue, I will annoy you guys too.” And I did. I turned my favorite music channel on and it was a rap song that was blurting aggressively “it is going done” and “who the f**k cares what they think”. Wow! I couldn’t help it. I started shaking and dancing. The family started laughing. I laughed back and ask if they can kindly take their loud convos somewhere else as it is rude they are too loud. It worked too. Of course they gave me the looks of dismay. But I again told myself that I did the right thing as it is rude for people to act in such unkind manner to intimated and push one over to obey their set standards. As if they aim to send a passive aggressive message to condition you. But I keep telling myself that they do not know better. It helps. Last night too was I watching Bill Maher. One thing he said that deeply resonated with me is that we must say it as it is. Enough already of us being conditioned and/or conditioning our fellow people through manipulative behaviors. I for one refuse for myself to be that way ever. Five minutes later another stylish grandpa with colored hairs continues to pass my views while stopping, using his smart phone, trying to impress me with kindness and humorous loud talks to his younger buddies. After he paroled in my viewpoint for the six time, I asked him is he had any intentions as I am not interested in him because he continued showing off in front me. He acted as if my inquiry was rude and was physically shaking. He called me in a disturbing, unkind way: “You are Weird.” I said “so what!?” Someone must tell people how obvious their inappropriate, damaging behaviors are so that they may think of their actions and rectify. Wishful thinking. Two minutes later he joins a group across of me and starts bashing me to them while they too start laughing at me. One of them was a chubby guy who I could tell is insecure and felt empowered once the grandpa joined their group. He started to some degree mimicking my dancing and started shaking legs and talking out loud with the grandpa while looking over. I laughed again cause I could not help than to imagine him naked, shaking his fat belly. He was wearing an Apple watch. I had to blurt to him that he should shake it and take a few steps for a change while thinking how Bill Maher said to call it as it is. We all are blessed with so much yet we chose to engage in damaging behaviors. Enough is enough.

With those intentions in mind and totally being vested in healing the world one step at the time, I bought a domain. Quite a lofty mission but I believe together we can heal the world as it is doable if we only focus on the positives and make small changes. Because one day we will be proud of our accomplishments! You can do it.

Love and Blessings ❤️


Letter to All Sourpusses and Haters

Today I felt sorry for all you sourpusses and haters. I know you exist because I have continued to run into you. Throughout my relationships, friendships, all my jobs, my childhood, and most of my interactions. Basically my entire life. I have been portrayed as many things. It’s mind boggling. I have been called sick, delusional, fake, crazy, imaginative, too convinced of myself, outlandish, overbearing, lazy, too expectant, and many more labels that I prefer not to think of. Additional passive aggressive behaviors are other attributes offered by sourpusses and haters. live

Today I decided that I don’t care how those who assess me as such see it anymore. Sorry you live such a miserable life. Most important for me, however, is how I see it. Live and let live. I kind of suspect why you continue to argue to keep me around!? Please know that I greatly appreciate the constructive criticism in between all the intentional or unintentional abuses and insults. However, I honestly could care less how you think my present and/or future should be. I know who I am and how I want/need to roll. Thank you very much.

Again live and let live. If you decide to live an authentic life too, then you too are/will experience bliss on your level. I wish you all the best and much fun with all my heart.

Note to self: stand up for yourself! Yeah ME!

Peace and Blessings❤️


One Plan vs. Multiples

Quite often have I heard that focusing and working toward one life plan is the best strategy. Not necessarily. What has worked for me is having had multiple life options.  This strategy has strengthened me and has always elevated my life. If plan A doesn’t pan out, then there is a plan B, C, D, E, and so forth. You get the picture.

Let your Faith be bigger than your Fears

More than anything, have faith!

If circumstances don’t happen according to your liking or plan(s) in life, they were not meant to be. This could be a job, a friendship, a marriage, a business, or so many other circumstances. It’s OK. You tried it and had hopefully fun and now you know it was not meant to be. Move on. There are many skills and analogies you learned . Those are your valuables to take forever from any life circumstance. Be thankful. Always dare to do what it takes to try your options and again if things don’t workout and you perceive any project as a failure, learn your lessons, count your blessings, peacefully move on, and do it better the next time!? That philosophy has always propelled me in life.

Note to self: practice makes the master. If we only continue practicing, one day we will master it.  It’d be exciting to learn how to always live in the moment, appreciate life, enjoy the journey, and be happy.

Peace and Blessings❤️


Human Suffering

Presently I feel so vulnerable and hurt in my life because of my bike accident last week. My MS symptoms have gotten worse ever since. Legs below my knees feel numb. Left leg overall is stiff. I am clumsy and have no coordination. Yesterday and the day before my eyes suddenly started to burn and water as I was working. Since I had to cease work, wage loss and financial burdens are causes for even more stress in my life! As if an injury is not bad enough. Exercise activities, biking, dancing, and occasional yoga poses, too are out of the picture. So no stress reduction and balance forming activities for me for a while. Great! I have gained 6 pounds.


Naturally I am depressed and can only pray that this time passes too as I have no one who will take care of me if I am not strong enough to take care of myself. Sad to say but it is the truth.

This made me think of my dad. He was all alone by himself when he got hit by a car while he was walking on the sideboard. The driver had epilepsy. He experienced an episode while driving and hit my dad. He must have been in excruciating pain while both his legs were broken in a cast. It took 6 months for him to heal. And none of us were around to help emotionally nor physically.

That’s when I realized that human strength is amazing. What a patience and endurance. All of those who have suffered due tragic circumstances in life and have still come up on top. The most interesting thing that happened to me was that I came across Marie Forleo’s latest blog post. It included Marianne Williamson‘s interview that introduced me to Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment book. I downloaded as an audiobook. This book validated my feelings and has been an affirmation. She too talks of human suffering and how it forms our character and belongs to humanity. All experiences bad or good are lessons to learn from.

The book gave me the hope that I too can come out of this experience stronger! So did so many valuable people in life. That’s why humanity has prevailed and advanced. Remember that through good and bad. Always remain positive and be grateful for all that is. And don’t fail to learn your lesson(s). These are my notes to myself today. May others too know that they are not alone.

Peace and Blessing ❤️

Embrace the Challenge

Struggling this morning to remain optimistic and enthusiastic. That does not necessarily make me less grateful for all the blessings surrounding me. It simply makes me want to see the bad with the good today. Regardless how hard I try to push that what is negative away, it surfaces over and over again. I think that too is positive.

desertIf you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere ~ Frank A. Clark

At least I have been blessed with the ability to remain a realist. Life is what it is. My purpose is to navigate it as best as I can. How do I do that? By continuing to evolve and adding knowledge and practice that makes me the master. Another attribute is to embrace that what is and aim to better to what I want it to be. This specifically is reference to work. I already know that I love and seek freedom in my work. What does that mean? It means I must establish a career that gives me the opportunity to balance my life with work. I still am challenged with managing my emotional reactions to situations and/or people that set me off. My stubbornness and tendency to bore isn’t helping either. I must find a remedy to alleviate these characteristics that have persisted throughout my life. What is positive and I always will love, is my willingness to continue evolving. Way to go! Hang in there. The best is yet to come with smart work, persistence, and patience. I believe that with all my heart.

Persist to Consist

I am challenged today to remain optimistic and grateful. What a terrible thing to say! Even writing it makes me feel guilty. Having said that, I decided that I will still push through my rebellious perspective today to change my outlook.


There is still tons to remain grateful for in life. Thinking of yesterday for example, I am in gratitude that my neighbor did call me about sharing her oranges.
I am super grateful that my husband did receive a substantial pay increase in his hourly rate due to his outstanding performance.
I am grateful that my calls yesterday were courteous. I love dealing with reasonable people who are down to earth.
I am grateful that my released work schedule for next week and the week after it are my chosen work hours.
I am grateful for exercising yesterday.
I am grateful for my creativity and I look forward to utilizing my creative powers often daily.

May Universe bless me with a job that calls upon this power daily. May I always remain patient and believe in the power of greatness and blessings.

I end my gratitude confession for today, believing that magic is possible.