Break Bonds that High-jack One

breaking bonds

It’s a secret to success in life. The more focused you remain on your mission and ignore what a dysfunctional society and/or your surrounding wants from you, the closer you will be to bliss. Now a days that’s quite difficult to manage as every single interaction demands your attention and conditions you. The more one tries to please all and everyone, the more one’s soul splits or in other terms gets lost and confused. I know first hand how that it is as I too as many of you have grown up in a dysfunctional family as well as have dealt and am still dealing  with the society and all it imposes on me. All those expectations caused me to questions my trajectory and thereof remain unhappy. A conditioning that most of us suffer from. My dysfunctional family, specially my love for my mother derailed and bluffed me to remain convinced that my happiness could have been or should have been different. Since she has been unable to maximize her resources and has been convinced that we all must brood together, she insists and argues with me for hours that my way is wrong because it does not flow with hers. As if I belong to her because she gave birth to me and must accept that BS. It is ironic. Same thing happens outside. Because I have been an introvert and care less to socialize and shoot the crap with everyone, society tries to condition me with their reaction to my uninviting attitude. Makes me feel like crap! As if I must smile at everyone and listen to all cutsie pitches and/or attempts to connect. If I don’t, then I am crazy and/or a bitch or too standoffish. So sorry about that. It truly is not my intentions to offend anyone. However, one must understand that the more you try to please everyone and/or all interactions, the less you are able to please yourself in life. Naturally I have developed a very thick skin to remain focused on my mission.

A very strong bond is indeed a tie to one’s roots. The expectations of our surrounding misleads us to believe we must comply with a dysfunctional manner of existence due to fake set expectations. But we must not! I for one saw how my own family managed to ruin themselves and all due to their wrong mindsets and their wrong reactions to external factors. As if we they had no control. Kind of stupid. So sorry to say that. However, that is the fact. If we are not privileged to grow in the most idealistic environment to be whole, we run ourselves down the drain because we try to keep up with it all while loosing ourselves. So I decided I will not partake it that.

Do not allow your emotional bonds nor reactions high-jack you. We have a choice. Now and the future can be brighter only if we decide to address issues in a proper manner. In my personal life I have been multiple times in cross roads where I had to make hard choices that set my family and/or society off to follow my own bliss. To say the least, it has been very rough as I continued to feel guilty and ashamed for my ways of existence. However, today I am super happy that I always followed this principle regardless of how much pain, loneliness, and awkwardness I endured. As I always knew that you can only be helpful to your family and/or surrounding if you are full yourself. Naturally I have proudly remained dedicated to my mission. Same applies to our collective trajectory as a society. All our experiences depend on our correct choices now and today. We control it all. We can control the crazies from running nuts to disturb the freedom of all those who were trying to experience love and happiness in Las Vegas. How many more tragedies must we experience before we wake up? Failing to take active actions at the right time to control us and our environment will result in tragic outcomes. That’s a fact.

Love and Blessings ❤️


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