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A Real-life Warrior of Our Times

Salome has been able to overcome many obstacles in her life; True deal breakers that could destroy one’s life forever. Yet she decided to kick ass and do it anyways. Her mission has been always to pursue happiness. So many stories to learn from on how she managed her life despite her less than favorable circumstances to continue propelling ahead. How did she do it? By accepting all as it is and making the best out of everything as she absolutely is in love with life. From the bottom of her heart, she wishes everyone to experience life to its fullest as it is too short to waste being angry or suffer. If you learn to appreciate, you will learn the art to live life to its fullest. Another valuable insight and wisdom she has gained and applies now is that Universe loves one and is there, always. It’s comforting to trust, believe, and know all is fine as long as we learn to learn our lessons and sincerely apply. She gained all her insights through many painful personal life experiences. Initially she thought she is clever and calculated and that’s why she manages and continues to overcome these horrible circumstances. But within recent years she has developed spiritual awareness as well as savviness, a missing link that she needed to finally feel loved and know of her gifted blessings. Her stories are true testimonials of how we all have ALL we need to tackle this life to experience joy while completing our journeys.

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Love and Blessings ❤️