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Thank you for visiting my site. I look forward to our digital interactions. That is if you stay around and find the site intriguing.salome

You see, writing has been a passion. So has been creativity. But only then when I was diagnosed with MS, did I finally wake up. Life changed, magically. The realization that I must follow my destiny and finally teach, motivated me to start a blog. I have accumulated tons of resources and knowledge because of all my life experiences. Since I know that I need and want the love of a community and support to succeed and I have a lot to give back in return to that community, starting a blog logically has been the most easiest transition to start teaching. All anybody in life needs to remain strong in face of adversity and to make lemonade out of lemons is validation, love, and caring advice/guidance. You, as well as me. Universe gifted me with the voice of reason, compassion, and love. I would gladly like to exchange them with you. My goal is to receive and spread love and kindness. I cannot deceive. You need to know that I want to help myself first, then my immediate circle, and finally a wider receptive community. These thoughts are exciting. Because it encompasses both my passions; entertaining and teaching. Both are forms of love that I would love to spread.

With those thoughts on mind I started a cause. You can review and/or support me at this page:

Growth and Development Biz

Quick story line for a proposed book:

August 20016 Calendar Message Dream Big

This is my calendar’s message for the month of August, 2016. How appropriate, validating that I should dare to dream big.

A girl who lived in many places and endured much in life. But only then did she wake up to all her blessings and god given talents when she was diagnosed with MS in 2015. A blessing in disguise, a miracle that turned life around. Until then she was asleep and suffered under life circumstances. All that had transpired in her life had left her paralyzed. Continuance on the same path would have been disastrous. However, the journey turns out to be a blessing in disguise. All that happened in her life was enough pain to build her character. She is now who she is because of all that transpired. Like Tony Robbins said: “this mother fucker was made.” In the end she will reach her destiny. Achieve a picture perfect life, living surrounded by abundance, beauty, and serenity. She dreams of being a famous blogger, writer, a student for life, and a teacher, living a secluded life but always touching her community with her wisdom, married to a respectable, handsome man whom with she is friends and partner with, they have children, animals, and gardens. Her mission in life is to touch others and enrich their life’s with much abundance and prosperity as possible. Anyone who comes in her path will be enlightened. The story is based on a true story.

If you find my cause worthy, please help. Either monetary or spread the word or refer me to someone who could help. Your advice and/or guidance are kindly welcomed as well. If this project gets funded, it would be a great start.  However, the possibilities are limitless on how it will be paid forward.

If I could share only one advice with you now, it is to be your own best friend ever. Only then do you have a chance of succeeding in life. Read my blog posts to see how I have continued to be my best friend during my hard days.

Peace and Blessings ❤️





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